Even after a lovefest like the third week of So You Think You Can Dance, there is a sad, sad ending. No matter how great the dancers were during their performances, one girl and one guy will need to go home tonight. Who will they be?

Considering the outcome of last week’s eliminations, I don’t know if I have any clue. It is, however, my job to pretend to know what’s going to happen next. So I guess I should try.

As I have done in the past, my rankings will be divided into three groups: In Trouble, Probably OK and Start Practicing. A quick look back on my past predictions seems to imply that only that last group has been accurate. Maybe we’ll do better this week!

In Trouble

Miranda and Robert
Although they danced well, this was one of the least memorable performances of the night. Technically, Miranda and Robert gave us an excellent Broadway routine. But they didn’t seem to connect quite as well as some of the other dancers.

Ashley and Chris
Nigel didn’t like it. That’s danger right there. While I found the piece to be creepy and dark in all the right ways, it was hard for the judges to connect to Ashley and Chris’ performance. This often means the audience will have trouble too.

Ryan and Ricky
They’re mostly here as the remnants of last week’s blood bath. Their dance was good and highly-praised by the judges. The scarf-as-a-prop was cool. But they’re marked for elimination. Also, their performance just wasn’t as much fun as many.

Probably OK

Sasha and Alexander
If they hadn’t been the first dancers of the night, I would have said there was no chance for Sasha and Alexander to get eliminated. They’re on a roll, dance-wise, and week 3 was no exception. Their contemporary dance was certainly memorable (piano hands!), and the passion was there. Let’s just hope voters didn’t forget about them.

Caitlynn and Mitchell
Again, this is a couple that should have no worries. Their samba worked, and both dancers received nothing but praise from the judges. Still, they danced early in the night and did a ballroom routine. Both factors make me a little nervous.

Clarice and Jess
Clarice and Jess are probably in the most danger of all of the couples I included in this category. Why? Because they danced a ballroom routine and because the two dancers just didn’t look like they needed each other up there. The judges loved it, but voters might not agree.

Jordan and Tadd
Talk about a fun performance. The two dancers actually put on clothing while dancing, which is a feat in itself. The story and the emotions took over, which is probably detrimental to the dancing but works great for the overall performance. By ending on such an up note, Jordan and Tadd probably bought themselves another week of safety.

Start Practicing

Melanie and Marko
This couple will be in trouble when audiences get tired of beautifully-performed, emotional pieces every single week. But it’s not likely to be this week when the fatigue sets in. Not with that kiss (and all the judge kissing afterwards) anyway.

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Which couples will be in the bottom three? Who will go home? Who deserves to go home? Can Melanie and Marko do no wrong? Let us know what you think by voting in our poll and leaving a comment!

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