The judges must have gone into casting for season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance with a plan.  Contemporary dancers were put through in massive numbers while hip hop and ballroom dancers were lucky just to be invited on the show.   On last night’s Vegas episode, there were several truly amazing female dancers who just couldn’t cut it enough to land a top 20 spot.  In particular was Lizz Plott, who talked way too much and found herself on a plane home instead of in front of a camera.  Nevertheless, the top 20 were chosen and now, get to know the 10 female a little bit better.  Don’t forget to vote for your early favorite!

Chelsea Traille is a 23 year old jazz and contemporary dancer. She is a graduate of the University of Texas and danced for the NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks in their 2006-2007 season.

Katee Shean, 20 years old, almost missed her chance at making the top 20. When she said she wouldn’t come back if she didn’t make it, the judges questioned her passion. They gave her a chance and this California girl will be showing you her heart next week. She is a student at Chapman College, pursuing a double major in leadership and dance.

Kherington Payne is an 18 year old contemporary and jazz dancer from California. She is about to graduate from high school and is an avid soccer player.

Kournti Lind, 18 years old, is a jazz and contemporary dancer from Minnesota. She currently lives in California and began her training at just 3 years old, at her mother’s dance studio.

Jessica King is a South Carolina Native and is a contemporary dancer. She attends Coastal Carolina University and also teaches dance locally.

Chelsie Hightower is one of only two female ballroom dancers to make the top 20. This 18 year old specializes in Latin dance and was a U.S. Worlds finalist in 2005.

Susie Garcia is 25 years old and our other female Latin dancer this season. She previously spent 6 years dancing for the NBA team, the Miami Heat. She has performed on the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Latin Grammy Awards, and has been on tour with Shakira. She is currently a high school teacher.

Courtney Galiano is a 19 year old contemporary dancer from New York. She also loves hip hop and is a dancer for the New York Knicks. Coutney also appeared in Kat De Luna’s “Whine Up” video.

Comfort Fedoke is 20 years old and a hip hop dancer from Texas. Originally from Nigeria, she has been a featured performer for the past few years on Dallas Dance Club 21, a local Dallas dance television show.

Rayven Armijo is our oldest dancer this year and rounds out our top 10 females. She is a contemporary and ballet dancer from California and is a mentor to young children in her area.

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