Last week’s Smash ended with Eileen in mid-sentence as she made her decision on which book the Marilyn musical will use for Broadway. Will it be the one from the workshop, or the current version that’s told from the point of view of the men in Marilyn Monroe’s life?

NBC has released four preview videos from Tuesday’s episode, “The Fringe,” which include a reworking of a Bombshell song and a Karen and Jimmy duet.

According to NBC, in episode 6, “Derek and Karen find themselves at a surprising crossroads, forcing one of them to make a difficult choice. Jerry’s uneasy partnership with Eileen hits a snag, as does Hit List‘s first performance at the Fringe Festival. Meanwhile, Ivy’s last-ditch effort to save her and Terry’s show has unexpected results.” Sean Hayes and Nikki Blonsky return as guest stars.

Jimmy and Kyle are preparing for the opening of Hit List at the Fringe Festival. But in the meantime, Jimmy performs “This Will Be Our Year,” and even dances with Karen — after their resolve to be friends, are things between them fine now?

Over at Bombshell headquarters, Karen reprises (and provides a new take on) “Never Give All the Heart” from season 1. Does this clip reveal which book they’re using?

The third production this season is Liaisons. While Ivy receives praise for her role, it looks like Terry (Sean Hayes) is taking more of a hands-on approach to the play — and Ivy’s not happy.

During Hit List‘s debut at the Fringe Festival, Karen and Jimmy perform “Heart-Shaped Wreckage,” and it ends with a kiss.

Smash airs Tuesdays at 10pm on NBC.

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(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)

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