Castle season 5 continues on Monday, March 18 with an episode called “Scared to Death.” While we’re waiting for the show to come back from its mini hiatus, let’s take a look at some interesting spoilers about the rest of this season. 

“A very emotional finale.”

First up, we have a bit of news about the season 5 finale. TVLine reports that series creator Andrew W. Marlowe talked about the episode, saying, “We’re looking at a very emotional finale. We’re dealing with something very explosive, personally. ‘

Digging Deeper into Rick Castle

In another article, TVLine also reported that Marlowe had more to say about the final few episodes of the season leading up the finale. Asked about what fans can expect to see, Marlow said, “The issue [ex-wife Meredith raised] is going to cause some trouble. We spent four years exposing who Kate is. She’s a very private person, and she’s kind of opened [up] to Castle. But now the question is, where’s Castle’s depth? He tends to live on the surface, but we know there’s more to him than that. So part of what we’re going to do is dig a little deeper.” 

Apparently the final batch of episodes will shed some light on Rick’s backstory. “It was really gratifying in the [recent] two-parter to be able to expose some of his history. Some of the things that came to him when he was a kid and some of the things that made him who he is. We’ll see more of those kinds of moments as we move forward,” Marlowe said. 

Castle’s 100th Episode Script

But before we get to the finale, we still have Castle‘s 100th episode coming up. The cast and crew recently celebrated shooting the 100th on set, complete with a special cake and champagne. Coincidentally enough, the 100th episode is slated to air on Apr. 1 which is also Richard Castle’s birthday.

Camera man Andy Bikichky posted a picture of the cake on Twitter, and the people over at the Examiner, took a closer look at the centerpiece on the cake and noticed that the book on it actually contained two pages of a script that appears to be from the 100th episode, called “The Lives of Others.” 

Check out a snippet of what the cake said below. 


BECKETT Almost there. Only two more weeks. 

CASTLE But it’s already been two weeks. Two weeks is an eternity. 

BECKETT Well, maybe next time we go skiing, you won’t be such a show off.

Hmmmm, very intriguing. Looks like we’ve got some great stuff coming in the rest of this season of Castle. Are you excited to see what’s going to happen in the 100th episode? What do you think of the idea of getting to hear more about Castle’s backstory?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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Michelle Carlbert

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