After a long hiatus, Grimm returns in “Face Off,” where Renard has not one, but two love scenes and finally faces off against Nick. It’s an action-packed premiere!

Sasha Roiz and Bitsie Tulloch spoke with reporters this week about Renard and Juliette’s passionate, yet uncomfortable encounter and what that means going forward. 

Check out five teases about what’s coming up in the remainder of season 2.

Juliette and Renard’s Sexy, Violent Encounter

Tulloch: Well, what happens on [“Face Off”], we’ve not see the likes of on Grimm so far. I think it’s really fun and I think it’s just a great way to sort of deal with what’s going on between the two of them and also to highlight how little control they have over it, that this is not some – you know, slow burning love like they literally are both – they can’t control the lust. And obviously it gets to a sort of violent place and neither of them is really wanting this to happen, they can’t help it.

Roiz: I think they’ve seen it escalate and this will be a great payoff I believe. It’s fun, it’s fun to explore new ground, new territory with Grimm. It’s almost like Grimm after dark, a little – you know, racier version.

The Awkward Triad: Renard, Nick and Juliette

Roiz: Well, it’s going to be very delicate moving ahead and, you know, I don’t want to say too much because we’ll see what happens because it’s really Nick’s choice at this point whether he wants to move ahead, whether he wants to stay Portland, or whether he wants to, you know, deal with me with [Juliette].

So there’s going to be a lot of fall out and that’s going to occupy I think the remainder of this season to see what will transpire and how pieces will fall and – where they fall I should say. So that’s really going to be a very delicate balance I think moving on.

Renard and Adalind Face Off

Roiz: [Renard and Adalind’s relationship] is very antagonistic and she’s definitely a thorn in my side and she’s out to thwart all of my plans. She’s also incredibly conniving and manipulative just the same as Renard is. And so she knows how to play him and, you know, what I love about some of the writing is you really don’t know who’s playing who sometimes. I think there’s always a turn of the tables and so it will be interesting to see what transpires.

But she certainly has presented herself at a very difficult time for him … he’s very vulnerable at this point and so she’s found a weakness and her timing couldn’t be better.

Difficulties Ahead for Renard

Roiz: Well, I think at least for Renard there’s going to be a real challenge in keeping the Grimm loyal, keeping the Grimm in Portland, keeping the plan that he had concocted for so long in place, keeping Adalind at bay. And making sure that, you know, we could continue as a police force and continue as also this mythological team to keep outside influences and forces at bay from encroaching on our domain.

Deepening Mythology 

Tulloch: I think what happens in the rest of Season 2 has been really fantastic. I mean literally every episode once we got back from our hiatus at the end of January every episode – I mean they’re really doing huge episodes that are just very grand in scope…. You know, really fun, crazy, you know, new Wessen and they’re delving deeper into – I want to say it’s not just the mythology or the way that we’ve been referring to the mythology but literally mythology, almost like a God-like creature.

They’re really going in new directions and the episodes really – you know, I’m not just saying this, they get better and better. And I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to do in Season 2 and where it’s going. And I think the fans are going to be super, super excited about the last ten episodes of Season 2.

Bonus: Behind the Renard/Juliette Love Scene

Tulloch: It took so long because we had to have a stunt coordinator sort of help us out, particularly me. I’m sort of known among the cast members of being like – I don’t know, Sasha, what would you say?

Roiz: She’s a little clumsy.

Tulloch: Yes and that love scene also got edited down massively but when we were actually shooting it, it took something like eight-and-a-half hours to get through which is incredibly long for basically one scene because it was so complicated and it did require such coordination.

Roiz: … it was intense. I mean I think it was definitely a shocker for us when we read it because we didn’t believe it when we read it. We thought it was a bit of a joke. But they went there. Yes, but it was just a lot of fun.

Tulloch: It was so intense that we both thought it was a joke. We literally thought it was a joke that when we read the script. We were like, ha-ha, where’s our real script.

Check out a video preview for the spring premiere, “Face Off.”

Grimm airs Fridays at 9 pm ET on NBC.

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