If you thought Uma Thurman was a big get for Smash (Thurman will guest star in five episodes beginning with episode 10), wait until you see tonight’s episode, “The Workshop,” in which the one and only Bernadette Peters plays Ivy’s mother and sings as well. Three preview clips have been released in anticipation of the episode.

According to NBC, tonight “Everything comes to a head as Eileen, Derek and the team present ‘Marilyn The Musical’ to would-be investors. Ivy is under pressure to perform, while her mother, Broadway star Leigh Conroy (special guest Bernadette Peters), undermines her at every turn. Karen must decide between the workshop and a meeting with a big-time music producer. Julia and Michael must face up to the consequences of their actions.”

Speaking of Bernadette Peters, this first clip has the Broadway great belting out “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from Gypsy. (Upstaging your daughter much?) Look at the reactions from Karen, Julia, Tom and everyone else.

Next, Ivy’s rehearsing “Let Me Be Your Star,” another reprise of the fabulous original song first featured in the pilot. You can see her mother sitting there watching on. Does she approve of the performance?

Over the course of the series so far, we’ve seen some parallels to Marilyn in Ivy herself. And it looks we’ve got another one to add to the list. Ivy goes after her mother for not being supportive and not being able to praise her daughter’s performance.

And here’s a TV spot promo for “The Workshop”:

According to TVLine, things could get a little heated tonight when someone’s fired from the show: “Someone (a very important someone) gets fired from Marilyn: The Musical … but it remains unclear if the pink slip will stick.” Who could it be? Is Ivy finally getting fired so Karen can take her rightful place at the top? Besides her, who would be considered “a very important someone”?

Smash airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

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