In tonight’s intense season finale, Carl (Chandler Riggs) barely has time to react to Shane’s (Jon Bernthal) death as Walkers descend on the farm and the survivors are forced to split up.

Chaos Erupts

A zombie horde is drawn to the Greene farm and the group has little time to react. Carl and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) manage to make it into the barn while some of the others get in their vehicles and try to drive the Walkers away from the property. Rick sets a fire in the barn that takes care of a few zombies and Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) take care of a few more. Rick and Carl escape from the barn thanks to Jimmy and Dale’s RV, but Jimmy quickly becomes zombie-food and Carl and Rick have to make a run for it.

Run For Your Lives!

In the ensuing chaos, the group is forced to split up. Glenn and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are over-run by Walkers and have to drive off alone. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Beth, Patricia and Carol (Melissa McBride) try to run from the house when Patricia is attacked and killed.

Carol gets separated from Lori and Beth, who jump into the car with T-Dog while Andrea rushes to Carol’s rescue. Carol runs away before Andrea can get to her and T-Dog drives away, thus leaving Andrea behind. Daryl finds Carol after she gets separated from the group and Rick and Carl eventually convince Hershel (Scott Wilson) to leave his farm behind as they all flee for their lives.

The Group is Reunited

Rick, Carl and Hershel stop at the highway to wait for the others, even though Carl keeps insisting they return for Lori. Daryl and Carol also drive toward the highway and stumble upon Glenn and Maggie on the way. After much arguing, Lori convinces T-Dog (IronE Singleton) to head back toward the highway as well. The group is reunited, but they are missing members.

Beth tells everyone that she saw Patricia die and Rick informs them of Shane and Jimmy’s deaths. No one knows what happened to poor Andrea, so Daryl offers to go after her, but Rick says they have to keep moving. Daryl suggests they stay off the main roads in order to avoid as many Walkers as they can. The remaining survivors, sans the missing Andrea, drive away.

The Truth Comes Out

Rick’s car runs out of gas and the group has to stop. Rick, still the de-facto leader, decides they must stick together and take shelter until they can go for gas and supplies in the morning. When Daryl tells the group about Walker Randall and how he had not been bitten, Rick finally confesses that they are all infected with whatever this virus is. He says that is what Jenner-the-CDC-guy told him before he died.

Everyone is furious Rick kept this secret and Rick eventually walks off for some alone time. Lori joins him and Rick tells her that he killed Shane. Rick says he had no choice because Shane tried to kill him, but Rick also just wanted it to be over with. Rick also tells Lori that Shane turned into a zombie, Carl killed him and that is how Rick knew Jenner was right.

How It All Ends

When the group hears a noise in the woods, Rick chooses that moment to make a big speech about everything he has done for the group and says they can leave if they want. However, if they choose to stay, they need to accept that this is no longer a democracy. The camera pans back to reveal a prison in the distance.

Andrea is still alive and has been running through the woods on her own for hours. She was killing Walkers left and right, but she is starting to run out of steam. As Andrea is about to become Walker-food, she is saved by a hooded figure. (This figure is almost certainly the character Michonne from the comic books.)

Tune in next season to find out what happens next.

Megan Cole
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