As we’re nearing the half-way mark of Smash‘s inaugural season, let’s take a look and preview what’s to come with the rest of season 1 with regard to the various guest stars stopping by. We already know that Uma Thurman will be guest starring. But did you know that Meryl Streep’s daughter will be stopping by as well? Nick Jonas and Bernadette Peters will both be making repeat appearances. And what is Ryan Tedder doing on the show playing himself? Read on to find out all the scoop.

Will Uma Thurman Steal the Role of Marilyn?

As mentioned, we have known for a while that mega-star Uma Thurman will be a guest star in five episodes. Since she’ll be debuting in episode 10, it looks like she’ll be there through to the finale (there will be 15 episodes total in season 1). From what it sounds like, Thurman will be playing a famous celebrity who tries to land a big role in the Marilyn: The Musical (could it be Marilyn herself?).

Neil Meron, one of the executive producers had this to say about the star: “[Thurman] plays a difficult Hollywood star who may or may not get involved in the ‘Marilyn’ musical.” The Huffington Post tried to get more out of him, but “Meron was tight-lipped, but said Thurman is ‘going to give a hell of a performance.'”

Anjelica Huston’s Daughter is Meryl Streep’s Daughter

I had no idea that Meryl Streep’s daughter had gone into acting. She’s been in Margin Call, Larry Crowne and the TeenNick series, Gigantic. The next stop for Grace Gummer is Smash. And guess what? She’ll be playing Anjelica Huston’s daughter! (Take a look at the two of them together above.) Maybe it was mentioned real quick, but I don’t remember Eileen or Jerry ever mentioning they have a daughter. You would think that with all the divorce proceedings, they’d mention her (even if she is an adult).

Gummer’s episode is titled “The Coup” and airs March 26. In the official press release for this episode, it’s mentioned that “Eileen must face up to her ex-husband, Jerry, when their daughter Katie (guest star Grace Gummer) pays a surprise visit from India.” Besides Gummer, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder also guest stars.

Zap2It notes that for now, Gummer is only in one episode, but could turn into a recurring role. 

Bernadette Peters as Ivy’s Mom

BuddyTV reported that Bernadette Peters will guest star in this coming Monday’s episode, “The Workshop,” as Ivy’s mother. And we just found out that she will be back to the Smash set next week to do some filming for the finale. She says, “I’m in the finale. I come to see my daughter, yes.” Peters will sing “Roses’s Turn” in her first episode, but will she belting it out again in the finale? According to Peters, “I don’t think there will be time for me to sing again. Maybe in season 2. I’m sure in Season 2, yeah.”

Nick Jonas Returns for the Finale

Both Bernadette Peters and Nick Jonas have something in common; you didn’t think that ever could happen, did you? Both have been or will be guest starring in an episode of Smash, and both will be returning for the finale. E! Online teases what we can expect from the Jonas brother’s return. “Nick Jonas is back! And in the season finale, no less. We hear that he won’t just be popping up to dreamily serenade us; he’ll actually have a more integral part in the Marilyn musical. Or their attempt to make the Marilyn musical without all going absolutely insane.” Jonas, as we know, plays Lyle West, an investor in the musical. I wonder how more integral he could get? Does he want more creative control over the execution of the show?

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Plays Himself

Whenever Smash has brought on guest stars, all of them have played fictional characters. But when OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder stops by in episode 8, he’ll be playing himself. What would the real Ryan Tedder want with Marilyn: The Musical? Apparently, Derek calls him in to help him with some sort of a project. Is it for Marilyn? According to Smash The Series, Karen will perform a song that Tedder wrote and produced specifically for Smash called “Touch Me.” Exciting!

Which guest star are you looking forward to most appearing on Smash?

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