Much like this entire season of Supernatural, this week’s episode started in one place and ended someplace completely different. Season 7 has been one long mystery about what the Leviathans are up to, and now we know. And the answer only makes this more confusing, mostly because I never thought I’d think curing cancer is a bad thing.

First, however, we get some truly gruesome deaths courtesy of a couple of cursed objects, including a ballerina who literally dances her feet off and a woman who pours scalding hot water from her tea kettle right into her mouth. It’s certainly among the nastiest, most horrifying stuff they’ve ever done, but I feel like I say that every week these days.

The cursed objects are completely irrelevant, however, because there’s a pair of wacky Leviathans realtors in town buying up property. It’s sort of like a silly sitcom, only deadly.

With Frank’s help the boys get clued in about the Leviathan presence and they go in for the fight. Surprisingly, the Leviathan lackey helps Sam and Dean defeat his boss, all because he hates being pushed around and wants to eat her. It’s nice to see that, even in the Leviathan world, people hate their bosses.

This, however, is where we learn the big secret of the season. According to this Leviathan, they are here to build a giant research facility so they can cure cancer. Because the Leviathans are “here to help.”

What? Can this guy be believed? Are the Leviathans really the good guys? If so, it seems like Supernatural is playing with traditional themes about whether it’s OK to hurt a few people if it helps everyone else. Sure, the Leviathans are killing a few people, but if they can cure cancer and other diseases, is it worth it?

At least I assume that’s the philosophical debate we’re getting to, but first the boys stumble on Frank’s trailer, and it’s destroyed with blood everywhere. Come on, don’t kill Frank!

Next week on Supernatural: Castiel is back! Oh yeah, and Sam is kind of dying.

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