On tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds, the team travels to Atlanta to investigate the brutal murders of prostitutes in the area and Hotch (Thomas Gibson) prepares for his big day.

Meeting the Family

Race Day is fast-approaching, but Hotch tells Beth that the team’s work-load could prevent him from making the triathlon he has been training for. Beth says that if he can make it to his race, she would like to be there, but she knows that could be a problem since Hotch’s son will also be in attendance. Hotch says he would like Beth to come and meet Jack, proving that he is pretty serious about his new gal pal.

A Whole New Meaning to Bad Parenting

A wheelchair-bound UnSub is killing working girls and, as it turns out, his parents are helping him with his crimes. The UnSub, Jeffrey, is off his meds, despite his parents’ attempts to get him to take his pills because they “know what happens” when he doesn’t. And yet, the UnSub’s parents believe that the murders are making their son better, so they continue to bring him victims and dispose of the bodies. (I don’t think they teach that in Parenting 101.) When Jeffrey asks his parents to bring him another victim, they hesitate and it is revealed that the UnSub blames his mother, Linda, for what happened to him.

The Family That Slays Together…

After one of the victims turns out to be a sort-of sex therapist, the team realizes that the UnSub is in a wheelchair and that his ‘partner’ is also his care-giver. They hold a press-conference in an attempt to appeal to the UnSub’s care-taker, but when that yields no results, the team has to think outside of the box. After realizing there are three people behind the murders, JJ (A.J. Cook) suggests that the care-takers must be the UnSub’s parents. Meanwhile, the UnSub’s father commits suicide and confesses to the murders, but the team knows he was not the true killer.

A Truly Awful First Date

While the UnSub’s parents help him commit murder, a young woman named Erica helps the UnSub with his physical therapy. Jeffrey-the-UnSub seems quite taken with Erica, so his mom invites her over for dinner. Unfortunately, Erica finds a bloody necklace in Jeffrey’s room and Linda takes Erica hostage. The team arrives at the home before Erica is harmed and they tell Jeffrey of his father’s death, even as his mother continues to cover for her son’s crimes. In the end, Linda joins her husband in the afterlife and Jeffrey is arrested. That surely puts a new spin on awkward first dates!

A Big Weekend for the BAU

The Saturday night before Hotch’s race is Ladies’ Night, but JJ cannot find a sitter, so Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) offers to watch Henry while the girls hit the town. Unfortunately, the ladies are extremely hung-over the next day as they join the rest of the team to support Hotch, but they manage to pull it together to help congratulate Hotch when he finishes the FBI triathlon. Beth is there, as promised and Hotch introduces her to Jack, who seems to like his dad’s new “friend”. The team also seems impressed with Beth, though sadly, we do not get to see them interact. Maybe next time…

Were you surprised to see Hotch introduce Beth to his son so early in their relationship? Do you think Beth will be able to understand and accept the crazy hours associated with Hotch’s job or will it become a problem for their budding romance? And would you rather join the girls for a night out or stay behind to help Reid babysit JJ’s son?

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