Wow. Last week I guessed that Clay’s big secret on One Tree Hill was that he’s behind Nathan’s kidnapping, and while that might still be true, we learned an even bigger and more shocking truth. Clay is a father.

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Yes, this week was all about fathers, whether it’s Dan’s search for his son, Miss Lauren’s new baby daddy, or Chuck’s evil dad. And then there’s Clay.

Clay Becomes a Father

Dr. Alvarez pushes Clay to remember every detail about the day his wife died, and the memories flood back as Clay remembers that, in the next room, there was a baby. His baby.

Yes, Clay and Sara had a baby, but the trauma of her death made Clay completely forget about it until now. Even crazier, his son is Logan, the adorable little boy who Clay has been spending all of his time within the nut house (a mental institution that apparently has no other patients).

This totally blew my mind, but I love it. One Tree Hill is at its best when it does crazy, intense drama, and Clay psychologically blocking the existence of his own son for five years certainly qualifies.

More Questions About Clay

Here are a few more questions answered about Clay from our fans.

Is Clay on Drugs in One Tree Hill?

During season 9 of One Tree Hill, Clay develops a drug addiction, which was most likely caused by the death of his wife Sara.

Does Clay Die in One Tree Hill?

  • Short Answer: No, Clay survives and recovers from his coma after being shot.
  • Long Answer: In season 8 of One Tree Hill, Clay and Quinn are shot by Katie Ryan, which leaves them in a coma. After being discovered by Haley James, they are rushed to the hospital. Clay eventually recovers from his life-saving kidney transplant, comes out of his coma, and is discharged from the hospital.

Nathan’s Father

Haley gets a phone call about a dead body the cops have found which might be Nathan. I know it’s unbelievable that the police wouldn’t be able to recognize one of the most famous residents this town has ever seen, but who cares. What follows is a beautifully written monologue from Haley about how much she loves Nathan and it brought tears to my eyes. That’s the One Tree Hill I know and love.

Luckily it’s not Nathan, and when Haley returns home she finds Deb. It’s about time Nathan’s mom showed up.

Meanwhile, the greatness that is Dan Scott’s one-man crusade to save his son takes some intense turns as he puts a prison officer in a coma in order to convince one of his prison pals to give him info. Dan recognized that the symbol on the wall behind Nathan in the video was the same as a tattoo of his old prison pal, which leads Dan to the name “Dimitri,” which leads him to Clay’s drug dealer.

There’s also an interesting moment when Dan reveals that he doesn’t believe in redemption, promising to save a seat in Hell for his prison pal. I’ve never been more certain that Dan will die this season than I am now.

Dan goes to see the drug dealer, but he brings along Julian, who is kind of like a lame version of Robin to Dan’s Batman. Julian suggests getting a plan, so they back off for now. But at the end of the episode, Dan gets help from an unlikely source when Haley finally comes to the realization that Nathan’s father really is the only person who can find him.

Chuck’s Evil Father

Chase is ready to leave for the Air Force, but he’s still worried that Chuck’s dad is beating his son. Chris Keller (who’s odd BFF status with Chase is one of the most hilariously random things of the season) tries to reason with Chase, but it doesn’t help.

Chase goes to say goodbye to Chuck when he hears Chuck’s dad yelling and beating his wife. Chuck runs out as Chase runs in with a tire iron to beat the crap out of the abusive father. This just took a dark, tragic, melodramatic turn. And that’s how Chase ended up getting arrested by the police.

Davis and Jude’s Protective Father

Creepy Xavier spends the whole episode lurking around Karen’s Cafe. He’s not really making any direct threats, just creeping the crap out of Brooke. Julian vows to protect her by getting all manly, but Xavier doesn’t seem too scared.

Miss Lauren’s Baby’s Father

Finally, Miss Lauren is back and she’s super pregnant. Skills freaks out, assuming he’s the father, but he’s not. Instead, the daddy is Quinn’s ex, David, who’s also back in town. Even when David tries not to date someone close to Quinn, he fails. I like this little bit of whimsy amid the serious drama, although I’m getting concerned that Skills has more screen time this season than Mouth and Millie. Where are those two?

Next week on One Tree Hill: Xavier terrorizes Brooke. I really hope Dan Scott takes a quick detour from saving Nathan to kick this punk’s butt.

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