This was an all around perfect episode of NCIS in my opinion. The main story was the gritty and exciting focus on tracking down the detested arms dealer, Agah Bayar, suspected in the death of a Petty Officer. Gibbs gets smacked with this “need to know” thing as he searches for what he thinks is going on that turns out to be not at all what he originally thought. To lessen the tension, there was also the comic relief of probationary agent Ned Dornaget finally getting his first assignment from Gibbs and stumbling through during his field work with Tim McGee.

“Murdered by Remote Control”

Petty Officer Wiley suffered a terrible fate. He was “murdered by remote control” as Gibbs was told by his team. Just after this statement, it was time for commercials and I found my imagination getting the better of me as I looked down at my humble TV remote. What if it could be a killer? Okay, time to cut down on the crime shows, but I love my NCIS and won’t give that one up!

I like to hear Gibb summarize the issue when he says that Wiley was “diagnosed with a slow heartbeat and died of a fast heartbeat.” Yes, I get the irony, Gibbs. The team is now sure that Wiley’s pacemaker was tampered with by increasing his heart rate remotely.

Upon Further Investigation …

The team goes to Wiley’s place to look for clues and they find an expensive watch plus a stash of cash. Upon further investigation (I just love that phrase), the dots are connected and a notorious arms dealear named Agah Bayar becomes the prime suspect in Wiley’s death.

Gibbs meets Bayar outside the Turkish Embassy in DC and warns Bayar that there are cameras on him. Well actually, Gibbs gets even more direct and tells Bayar flat out that they’re going to “take him down.” Not at all shaken, Bayar elegantly says “Really? Are you done?” and flows beautifully into his hot black car. The said car though has Fletcher’s tracking device on it.

What Are We Doing?

Gibbs selects Ned Dornaget to go on the field assignment with Tim McGee to bring Bayar’s ladyfriend in for questioning. Dornaget is so funny in his stumbling non-impressive bubbling trying to impress everyone. He shows his ID upside down, is ill-prepared to even manage to carry a pen with him to sign important papers and … oh yeah, he forgets his gun!

The interesting thing is, as it turns out, Gibbs and the rest of the team haven’t a real clue what they are doing since the “need to know” basis thing has them in the dark. First, the woman in Bayar’s company turns out to be a Russian agent who’s father was in the KGB and Bayar isn’t who they thought he was either. Gibbs tries not to look totally shocked to discover that there was a lot of deception going on by the Defense Intelligence Agency on purpose. He finds out he and Bayar are actually on the same team “this time.”

What did you think of tonight’s NCIS? Did you have a favorite scene?

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