The team behind Marilyn: The Musical have found their Marilyn Monroe with Ivy. The runner-up, Karen, will be asked to join the ensemble. And since we’ve heard the baseball number, “The National Pastime,” the next step, it seems, would be to find their Joe DiMaggio. And that’s just what tonight’s all-new episode, “Enter Mr. DiMaggio” is about.

Three songs will be performed during tonight’s episode. They are Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” performed by Will Chase (who’s trying out for the DiMaggio role), Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman” by Katharine McPhee (we recently saw a video preview of this song) and an original, “Mr. & Mr. Smith” featuring Megan Hilty and Will Chase. Listen to these songs below:

“Grenade” — Michael (Will Chase) [Preview]

“Redneck Woman” — Karen (Katharine McPhee)

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” — Ivy & Michael (Megan Hilty & Will Chase)

What do you think of Ivy sleeping with the director to get the role? Will that continue? According to EW, “The two continue to get hot and heavy, but that’s not to say Ivy won’t begin to have her doubts about him in upcoming episodes.” And what about Karen? What is she left to do? “Meanwhile, Karen will soon have a new person in her life — several, in fact: Her fellow chorus members, who take her under their wing when she joins their ranks.”

Which song are you looking forward to most in tonight’s episode? And do you think Karen will eventually get the role of Marilyn in the end?

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