Another Secret Circle mid-season finale hiatus in which Cassie solidifies her awesomeness, the Circle gathers to defeat witch hunters and voodoo is clarified as being separate from witchcraft.

Blackwell is Back, Well

Sorry, bad title. But how to explain this awesome episode, second mid-season finale?! A really, in depth thing.

So Cassie is moving out of Diana’s since “Jane is back in town.” Actually, this is later shown to be false–oh, Cassie how your lying skills have grown. How strange must it be for Charles to be around Cassie all the time since he KILLED HER MOM? And then his mom tried to BURY HER ALIVE. Sometimes, I think this show forgets things like that.

But Cassie is the daughter Charles never had … Diana says, “Why do all the men in my life like you more than me?” Bahahaha. I thought that was an actual thing for a moment; it is, but Diana ensures Cassie it isn’t.

Along with moving out, Cassie also has a new job. Why can’t she just conjure up coffee with her evil powers? It’d be a lot easier. Adam the lurker! The two have a cute little moment. Adam and Cassie … just had a cute little chemistry moment. The world will cease to exist soon, I can feel it.

All is well, except the witch hunters be back! Awesomely (and humorously), Cassie uses the umbrella to shoot magic out like in Harry Potter! Cassie’s the new Hagrid, y’all. And she is so B.A. this episode; loving dark Cassie.

And now Blackwell is here. Cassie is a little abandoned kid in these scenes, but also very strong. Blackwell uses the “protect you” card on Cassie. It’s basically a free pass when dealing with Cassie Blake. But then, she says, “Yeah, there’s also the whole, ‘our family line is pure evil,’ thing.” My apology letter to Cassie goes like this:

Dear Cassie,
I love you this episode. I may have hated you in the past, but you, and the actress Britt Robertson, are pretty fantastic this episode. It might have taken all season to get there, but better late than never. Stay golden.

So Cassie leaves, justified and then jumps in her car to get kidnapped. Also, wasn’t her car just destroyed, like last episode? She’s probably borrowing Charles’ since the connection they’ve made from the two scenes they’ve shared is strong enough to consider her a second daughter.

Voodoo Is Not Witchcraft

One of the strange things about this show is that the kids are complete novices. All the time. They make no effort to learn their craft. I guess you can’t when you are a Secret Circle.

Basically, Melissa is into voodoo now because she has a crush on Callum. For what reason, I do not know. The two sneak off to some cultish party and give each other power boosts through totems similar to the one Lee gave Faye last week.

So this little Melissa-Callum subplot is pretty boring to watch with the exception of how other people react to it. “I bet you can get a two-for-one deal in rehab.” Faye shall ever remain a snarky, self-absorbed witch and I shall forever be indebted for her great dialogue and delivery. The only really nice thing this subplot brings is the Diana-Faye alliance for Melissa. Diana is concerned with Melissa using again, Faye pretends to act like she had been concerned the whole time. It’s a great moment between the two.

But Melissa-Callum is still wicked boring (even with a slightly energetic Melissa). Meanwhile, Lee continues being sexy with Faye (and Diana! Make it happen show) but concerned. He destroys the totem he gave to Faye and starts with the making out. Somewhere else in Washington (I guess), Lee’s comatose girlfriend wakes up. Awkward.

Witches vs. Hunters

With Cassie being kidnapped, the weirdest thing I have ever seen happens: the witch hunters hold Cassie down and put contact solution in her eye! But it is way creepier than that! It’s a form of mind control. Oh yes, the show just went there.

Blackwell and Jake work to find her; Jake wants to secretly trade Blackwell for Cassie because he’s all in love with her. But they visit Adam, and inevitably we get an Ethan vs. Blackwell showdown. It’s basically a pissing contest over another Blake woman, just like the rest of this show.

Back in the woods, it is snowing and very pretty. Fakeout! The witch hunters want Jake for some reason. In an otherwise great episode, this makes no sense for a second. Why would the witch hunters want Jake instead of Blackwell? And then the plan is clear: they want Cassie to kill Blackwell because only she is strong enough.

With Cassie being compelled to kill Blackwell, Jake is left to be killed by the witch hunter. But the Circle comes to the rescue, killing the lead witch hunter. Psych–he’s escaped the impalement! The group is getting stronger, but don’t other witches say stuff in Latin?

The Circle helps Cassie break away from her mind control spell to save daddy dearest. So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Best episode yet? Are you feeling the Adam and Cassie relationship, or swinging more to Cassie and Jake? Or are you just waiting for Diana and Faye to hookup? Do you love Diana as much as I do? Comment below since the next episode isn’t until March 15.

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