Supernatural has kept the devil at bay for most of season 7. Sam might be seeing visions of Lucifer, but Mark Pellegrino has been absent, leaving viewers with an incomplete picture of just how hard it’s been for Sam to stay sane.

This week Lucifer is back and we see just how screwed Sam really is. Pellegrino’s performance makes this episode great, as he might be one of the best actors working in television today, and this is his most jubilantly wacky role.

Before we get to the present, this episode kicks off four years ago when Sam and Dean were tracking down Lilith (nice continuity). They found a demon possessing a guy named Jeffrey and tortured him for info before exorcising him.

This is important because it seems that demon is back to his old ways in the present, only it’s not that simple. For the second week in a row, the “killer” is actually just a regular human being, which is unusual for this show. We learn that Jeffrey loved being possessed and wants the demon back inside of him, only his big plan involves kidnapping a Wiccan’s son, using Dean’s blood and killing a rescue dog.

The problem for Jeffrey is that the demon’s just not that into him anymore, literally and figuratively. This particular demon was responsible for helping evil people be all the evil they could be, and it’s quite sad when Jeffrey, now a serial killer, realizes that his entire plan was for nothing. At the end of the day, Jeffrey is dead and the demon is exorcised, again.

But the real star is Lucifer, who slowly worms his way back into Sam’s head throughout the episode. We see him get bored and do everything he can to make Sam talk to him, but nothing works. However, when Sam needs help finding Dean, he caves and asks his inner Devil for some help.

That’s all it takes, because now that Sam let Lucifer in, he can’t shut him out anymore by pressing his open wound. So now Lucifer is 100 percent in control of Sam’s psyche, which is very bad news for Sam. Ever since Death put up that wall in Sam’s head, it’s been like a ticking time bomb, and I’m not sure how Sam will come out of this OK.

Supernatural is off until March 9, but when it returns we’ll be getting a Black Swan-esque episode and the return of Misha Collins as … Castiel? It’s too early to tell, but the actor is definitely back.

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