We may be gearing up for episode 3 of Smash coming up on Monday night (BuddyTV shared multiple video previews recently). But let’s also look more to the future and on to episode 4, “The Cost of Art.”

First, Katharine McPhee’s Karen Cartwright will perform Adele’s latest single, “Rumor Has It.” This isn’t as part of rehearsals. Rather, she and the chorus will go out to have some fun and relax and end up performing for the crowd. Take a look at this preview:

Speaking of Karen, what happens now that she’s been relegated to the ensemble after losing out on the role of Marilyn Monroe to Ivy? TVLine reported on what McPhee has to say about this: “She’ll receive the consolation prize of being included in the musical’s ensemble, yet prove less than adept at taking a back seat to its star. ‘Not on purpose,’ [said McPhee], ‘but I get in trouble a bit. I’m singing too loudly, I’m not blending in correctly, and I’m getting slowly but surely left out of the numbers, which is really upsetting.'”

If that’s not enough, Smash will be welcoming a very special guest star on February 27 as well. Nick Jonas, who is currently starring on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, will make an appearance as someone whom the Marilyn team wants to invest in the musical.

As soon as NBC releases any more previews from “The Cost of Art” (including a first look at Nick Jonas), BuddyTV will be there to cover it.

Smash airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

Jeff Dodge

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