The only thing more compelling than the season three finale of Battlestar Galactica was whether or not the series would get a fourth season.  Ever since it was confirmed that Battlestar Galactica would get at least half of a fourth season, fans have shifted their focus to speculating over just what the ace creative team behind Battlestar Galactica might have in store for a fourth season.  Tonight that speculation came to an end as Battlestar Galactica ended its third chapter with plenty of tantalizing new threads  wagging in front of BSG fans everywhere.

Probably the least surprising twist was the acquittal of Gaius Baltar.  For one thing, they really didn’t have much of a case against him.  Yes, he was a debouched idiot through most of his presidency, but once the Cylons showed up in force he did what he could to keep himself, and his people, alive.  Would anybody else in his position have fared any better?  Probably not.  If someone like Roslin were in office, for instance, they simply would have exterminated their way down the chain of command until someone like Baltar came along.  Compliance with the Cylons was an inevitability for the citizens of New Caprica, whether they knew it or not.

What was an amazing twist was the revelation of the mystery tune that was plaguing Tigh, Anders, Tyrol, and Tory.  As the episode went along we got scraps of lyrics to go along with the hauntingly familiar melody.  ‘…said the joker to the thief…’ Whether you like the Hendrix version, or the original Dylan, there is no mistaking ‘All Along the Watchtower’.  So why were these four hearing an earth tune?  Somehow, the consensus amongst them is that they are all Cylons, and this is why they hear the music. I still don’t get the logic.  I don’t find myself coming out of this episode feeling like I have seen four of the final five Cylon models, and if they are Cylons, their loyalty is still with Galactica and the fleet because in the end, when a Cylon fleet jumped out to greet them, all four returned to their jobs and did what they would have done any day before.

So are they, or aren’t they?  I suppose this ambiguity is part of the BSG crews plan to keep us talking about the show, and anxious for its return.   Aside from all hearing the same tune, they all had something else in common too:  they were all on New Caprica long enough to have some nifty Cylon implants installed.  On the other hand, if this whole vignette was supposed to leave us utterly convinced they were Cylons, I have a bone to pick.  If that was the intent, the whole mess was very poorly executed.

Probably the biggest, meanest loose thread of them all was the surprise return of Starbuck.   Apollo ran into her while piloting towards the Cylon fleet, and she had some pretty wild claims.  First was that it was really her, then it was that she had been to Earth and would show them the way.  Of course,  right after the little rag-tag fleet humbles those four Cylon base stars siting a few clicks out spitting raiders towards Galactica’s scarred carcass of a hull. 

The worst part of all was the news that Galactica would return with all new episodes… in 2008.  Yipes.  Seems like it is going to be a long hard nine months (minimum).  However will we pass the time?

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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