It may feel like Smallville and Supernatural just got back from their winter break, but the CW’s Thursday night line-up is poised to take yet another hiatus. After this Thursday’s new episodes, both shows will take three weeks off, returning with new episodes on March 5.

This week, Smallville airs “Requiem” at 8pm, Kristin Kreuk‘s final episode back, and at 9pm, Supernatural airs “Sex and Violence,” in which a sultry siren turns the Winchester brothers against one another.

Though it feels like both shows just got back, the break is most likely due to the revised sweeps period. Typically in February, the Nielsen ratings are used to help determine advertising rates, so many shows will put on their biggest and best episodes. However, due to the expected nationwide conversion to digital TV on February 17, that time period was moved to March.

Thus, shows may take a break in February and return with their big episodes starting March 5. The ironic part is that the move, originally done because of the digital conversion, is now moot since Congress decided to push back the conversion until the summer.

So Smallville and Supernatural fans better enjoy this week’s brand new episodes, because Thursday night’s will be full of repeats for the following three weeks. On the bright side, March 5 will bring Tori Spelling’s return to Smallville.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image courtesy of the CW)

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