Back in December we announced the exciting news that Smallville‘s Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) would be making her way to comic books in Superman issue number 674.  Unfortunately for Smallville fans, DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio recently announced that Chloe won’t be coming to the world of comics after all.  It appears that fans who were hoping to see one of television’s feistiest characters in a different art form are out of luck for the time being.

“Chloe is an exciting character on the television show, and we had hoped to work her into DC continuity,” DiDio stated in a recent interview with  “Unfortunately, the stars did not align properly, and even though we had announced it, she will not be appearing in any of the issues of Superman or Action Comics.”

There’s no further elaboration from DiDio on Chloe’s sudden disappearing act.  Maybe it was some sort of rights issue, or maybe Superman writer Kurt Busiek ran into trouble attempting to incorporate the teenage character into the adult world of Clark Kent.  There was already some grumbling from fans that the Chloe in the comics wouldn’t be the true Chloe, since they were planning to repurpose the character so she didn’t know Clark’s secret.

When we posted our original story announcing the comic event, BuddyTV readers were split on whether incorporating Chloe was a good idea.  Gen717 ranted, “Whoever this character is they chose to call Chloe in the comics is NOT our Chloe.  They are basically going to strip her of everything I love about her, make her a different character and call her Chloe?  No, I’m not buying a comic that grossly distorts a character I love.  Sorry DC, but what on earth are you thinking?”

cecil44 agreed, stating, “I’m actually really really disappointed at the DC version of ‘Chloe’!  They want to strip her off everything that makes Chloe Sullivan on Smallville such a special character!  There is no way I would buy a comic book that distorts her character like this.  The whole reason that Chloe is soo great and soo special is the fact that she’s a reporter first and Clark’s best friend!  But like someone else said, I guess we can’t really know until we see how they will introduce her.”

Unfortunately for cecil44, as well as the rest of us, we won’t get a chance to see how Kurt Busiek and the DC Comics team would have introduced Chloe.  Though if they were planning to change what makes our favorite reporter so memorable, maybe it’s best that she stays solely on television screens.

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