It looks like the strike is petering out.  If this is how the thing has to end (with a smattering of interim agreements from the different independent movie houses), then so be it.  At least some studios have come to their senses.  Just this weekend, Lions Gate and the WGA reached an interim agreement that allows their under-contract writers to return to work.  While Lions Gate is mostly known for their films, they also produce Weeds and Mad Men, two of the most highly touted cable shows currently running.  This means that, this week, Mad Men writers are returning to work on season 2 and the Weeds scribes are coming back to work on their fourth season. 

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HeatherXOXO said: I ‘m glad!!! Two very good shows.

Smaller studios reaching agreements with the writers is becoming all the rage in Hollywood right now.  Currently, all of these production companies have reached agreements with the WGA that allow their writers to come back to work: Jackson Bites , Marvel, Media Rights Capital, RKO, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Spyglass Entertainment, United Artists, The Weinstein Company, Worldwide Pants, and Mandate Films.  The only major television company out of those is Worldwide Pants, which is owned by David Letterman and produces that the Late Show with Daivd Letterman and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

If this isn’t a signal for the end of the writers’ strike, I don’t know what is.  Neither the studios or the writers can ignore the agreements these studios and the DGA have made.  If these interim deals are working for the WGA, then all the studios should agree to the same terms.  I don’t think anyone in Hollywood wants to see the industry splintered.  It feels good to have popular shows going back into production, doesn’t it?  Even if you can’t see them and know they won’t be coming to the air for months, it’s progress.

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