On this episode of Sleepy Hollow, “Incident at Stone Manor,” Crane finds a way to communicate with Abbie, Jenny and Joe help Foster with a case and Abbie takes a risk, but the payoff is huge.

After catching a brief glimpse of Abbie in the underworld (or alternate dimension), we finally get a better look at what and where she’s gotten herself into. She awakens inside a place called the Catacombs. Abbie limps her way out and makes her way through a colorless, although not entirely bleak, landscape. She follows a river that is surrounded by jagged cliffs. She climbs a hill and comes across a sword stuck in a rock which she promptly removes.

The Catacombs

There doesn’t appear to be anyone else around, and Abbie spends what appears to be a few days exploring her surroundings and carving a map into the wall of a cave. She’s determined to find a way out. After all, if she could escape Purgatory, how hard can it be to find an exit sign in this strange wasteland?

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Evil is Still Brewing

Pandora and the Hidden One are excited at the prospect at the havoc they plan to wreak on all mankind. He is gaining his strength, and they are anxious for all the “aberrations of evil that wander the earth” to find their way to Sleepy Hollow. It was Pandora who set out a beacon that has every supernatural baddie converging on the less than idyllic hamlet.

Joe Meets Mr. Mills

Jenny and Joe go on a covert mission. Joe knocks on the door of a man’s home and chats him up, using the excuse that he’s considering moving into the neighborhood. While Joe keeps the man occupied, Jenny goes in through the back and after rifling around in his desk, discovers a lighter with the name E. Mills on it and makes her way back out.

Joe, not wanting to linger and make the guy suspicious, makes his excuses for ending their conversation, but not before he learns the man’s name is Ezra Mills, Abbie and Jenny’s father.

Joe questions why Jenny didn’t tell him they were paying a visit to her father, and she replies that had he known, he would have made her knock on the door herself. Joe doesn’t understand how Jenny can trust him to have her back when they go up against monsters, but she doesn’t trust him with her emotions. Jenny admits their relationship is still new, and she’s doing her best to navigate the formerly uncharted waters of having a nice, normal boyfriend.

A Different Kind of Long-Distance Call

Crane has been busy building a “spirit cabinet.” It’s purpose is to enable astral projection. You enter a fugue state, and your spirit can travel across different planes of reality. Jenny believes it will help them locate Abbie. They need three objects, or totems, to complete the journey. Jenny has Grace Dixon’s journal, a necklace Abbie gave to Jenny and Ezra’s lighter.

Jenny wants to be the one to go, but Crane believes he and Abbie’s shared connection as the Witnesses gives him the edge on being able to find her. Crane gets in the box, and after Jenny performs a spell, he’s on his way. A burning candle acts as a tether. Once the flame burns out, Crane’s spirit will be pulled back.

A Beast at Stone Manor

As Jenny and Joe wait, Agent Foster shows up at the archives, and she’s looking for Crane. They explain Crane isn’t able to come to the phone right now. Foster needs help on a case, and since Joe and Jenny are available, they offer their services.

Foster takes them to a crime scene. A historic building called Stone Manor is being renovated, and a worker was found dead, apparently from a fall. What’s unclear is whether he jumped to his death or was pushed. Foster has her own suspicions. The background photo of the crime scene shows three Gargoyles, but she dug up an old photo that reveals there should be four. After seeing the map, and knowing there’s a whole lot of evil brewing, Foster thinks that there could be a connection between the missing Gargoyle and the victim.

Their first move is to find out the origin of the tower, who built it and when. The tower was part of a French cathedral built in the 17th century and relocated to its current location stone by stone.

Crane, Abbie and Pandora are Reunited

The astral projection works, and Crane and Abbie are reunited, sort of. He assures her they never gave up hope that she was alive and have been working out a way to get to her for weeks. Abbie informs him that she’s been in this alternate dimension for 10 months. A few other interesting tidbits of information emerge. The sun neither rises nor sets, and Abbie has survived without eating or drinking anything.

Pandora hasn’t given up on getting Abbie back for her husband. If he can get his hands on that Eye, he’ll be back to his old self. Pandora can’t use the same methods she did to bring the Hidden One forth, but there may be another route. Pandora’s power has enabled her to see that Crane has found a path to reach Abbie, and in turn, provided her with a way to retrieve the Eye from Abbie.

There are hieroglyphics on the wall of the tunnel where Abbie has been squatting for the better part of a year, and Crane does his best to decipher them. They speak of an all-powerful deity whose name is forever hidden. (Sound familiar?) It also says that he uses the Eye on his staff to open a pathway between two worlds, The Eye of Providence. Abbie and Crane just have to figure out how to revive the Eye and bring Abbie home. Abbie has just one tiny objection. If they follow that course of action, they’ll be giving the Hidden One exactly what he wants.

Crane notices the knife/sword Abbie pulled from a stone and recognizes it immediately. He tells Abbie it belongs to Betsy Ross. (I wondered how long before they found a way to bring her back from the past.)

Crane and Abbie are interrupted by Pandora. She’s also there via astral projection. She offers to help Abbie return home in exchange for the Eye, but Crane and Abbie refuse. Abbie isn’t too frightened of Pandora, since she doesn’t pose much threat in astral form. Or at least not a threat to Abbie. Pandora does have the power to cut Ichabod’s tether–which she does. Now,Crane will float free for all eternity. He’s nothing but a lost and silent soul, unless they give her what she wants.

Pandora tells Abbie that she can still save Crane and warns her that there are fates worse than death. Like being stuck alone for all eternity until you go mad. But it looks like that ship has sailed, because Abbie smashes the Eye with a rock.

A Stone-Cold Killer

Jenny, Joe and Agent Foster do some digging and find some correspondence from the French General, Lafayette. He writes of arranging to meet his contact with the Colonial forces near the tower. That contact was Betsy Ross. But the two were attacked by a Gargoyle. An attempt by the British to squash the alliance.

The letter doesn’t tell how Ross and Lafayette defeated the Gargoyle, but Jenny knows they must have found a way since the French forces joined the Colonials against the British. The creature had to have been turned back to stone, but the question facing our heroes is how?

Night falls, and Jenny, Foster and Joe do battle with the Gargoyle. They lure the monster to hallowed ground that Lafayette believed would keep it away. The threesome lock themselves in the tower’s abbey. Jenny¬† has a theory that objects taken from the abbey can be used as weapons: holy water, pews, etc..

Agent Foster disagrees. She wants to turn the Gargoyle back to stone, literally. All they need to do is use the cement mixer outside.

Jenny throws some attitude at Agent Foster who doesn’t understand Jenny’s aggression given they’re on the same side. Joe tries to diffuse the situation and suggests they at least consider Foster’s plan.

Instead of relying on the slim chance of magic working to take down the Gargoyle, Jenny, Joe and Foster go with the mixer idea. Foster gets the machine going, and Joe and Jenny taunt it into a pit. Jenny even gets to use some holy water, temporarily blinding the Gargoyle, giving Joe time to start dousing it in cement. One bad guy down, an infinite more to go.

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Where There’s a Well, There’s a Way

Abbie has been showing signs of somewhat losing her shit, and after destroying her best chance for returning to the land of the living, she really takes a dive. But in the midst of her little psychotic break, she’s sees Betsy’s sword and puts together that either Betsy is still around or found another way out. Abbie believes the knife was left where it was for a reason.

Abbie returns to the tree trunk where she got the knife and puts it back. Thanks to some markings, she surmises the sword was used as a stay to support a rope that was used to lower someone into a nearby well.

Crane is still hovering around, but he is no longer visible. But Abbie’s been talking to an invisible Crane for 10 months, so she keeps babbling to him. As she perches on the edge of the well ready to jump, she assures Crane that if he uses her as a totem, he’ll get out if she does.

Jenny and Joe return to the archives to find Crane’s body still lifeless. Jenny notices the candle is out and that means Crane should be awake. While Jenny and Joe try to fathom what could have possibly gone wrong in the 12 hours they were gone, Abbie comes through the door. And although it takes him a couple of minutes, Crane wakes up.

It may be a temporary happy ending for Abbie and Crane, but Pandora doesn’t fare as well. She has to break the bad news to the Hidden One that the Eye has been destroyed. He tells her the beacon she sent out is too weak, it needs to be strengthened.

Pandora offers herself up as a sacrifice. He sucks up some of her power, leaving her gently weeping on the ground. Not very Valentine-y.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8pm on FOX.

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