On this episode of Colony, “Geronimo,” Will gets a break that leads him straight to Geronimo, Bram ventures outside the walls with Pia, Snyder comes up with an elaborate hoax to maintain order and keep his job and Will begins to have doubts about Katie.

Will wakes early in the morning to find Katie isn’t in bed beside him. He finds her downstairs painting the dining room. She attributes this burst of energy to insomnia, but she is jumpy. When there’s a knock at the door, the two tense up. Visitors at 6am are never good, especially in this new world.

Will Turns His Attention to the Green Zone

Beau has arrived with coffee, and he wants to talk in private. He breaks the news that Phyllis is dead. She was shot at close range in her house in the Green Zone “GZ.”

Will and Beau arrive at the crime scene and find Jennifer visibly shaken up. The bodies of Phyllis and her husband, a stroke victim, have already been carted off to the morgue. In the living room, the name Geronimo has been spray painted on the wall.

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Snyder arrives and he’s not pleased. Phyllis was one of a few who have direct access to the Hosts, and he questions how it’s possible that one of the most important people in the Transitional Authority gets killed by Geronimo right under their noses.

If Snyder was unhappy before, he’s even more distressed to hear that Geronimo is probably operating out of the GR. Beau shares with Snyder the intel the task force has gathered which includes the scripts for the radio broadcasts being left in a drainage pipe that runs from the flats to the GR.

After Will tells Snyder that Phyllis knew and considered the GR fair game, Snyder has no choice but to let them investigate the GR elite, but he warns Will that he’d better be discreet.

Jennifer gets a call that one of Geronimo’s guys has been picked up. It’s a teenage boy who was passing new posters through the pipe. His name is Shawn Miller, and when Will starts to question Shawn, he denies doing anything wrong. He’s also an entitled little prick, immediately letting Will know that his dad is the Head of Public Health and Hospitals.

Will isn’t intimidated by Shawn and throws out a threat that Shawn’s daddy’s position in the new order isn’t a free pass. The whole family could wind up at the Factory because Shawn was transporting Resistance propaganda in the GR.

Will offers Shawn a lifeline. He gets one chance to get himself out of this jam, and that means turning over on the person or people that gave him the posters.

Katie Continues Her Subversive Activities

Katie meets with Broussard who doesn’t completely tell Katie who killed Phyllis, but he does let her know that the Resistance is responsible. Phyllis was a threat as her job was to erase the Resistance, and it was their job to make sure that it didn’t happen.

Will Captures Geronimo

Will, Beau and a swarm of Red Hats descend upon a house in the Green Zone. The place appears to be empty and neither Will or Beau believe the place to be the home base of the Resistance’s most public figure.

They discover an entrance to a secret room where they come across a young man and woman. The place is lousy with Geronimo paraphernalia, so we know they are at least responsible for making the posters. There’s also an old typewriter, presumably used to type up the radio broadcasts and a recorder. Will asks the man who Geronimo is, and he responds “We’re Geronimo.”

Outside the Walls

We finally find out what the heck has been going on with Bram’s girlfriend and the deserted Department of Water and Power building. The last we saw, Pia brought Bram to help her get her cousin out who had been injured. There was a long ladder that led to a small opening into what Pia called the rest of the world.

Pia finally takes Bram through the rabbit hole, and all that’s there is the deserted remains of city streets. The place shows signs of battle scars. Windows are blown out and broken and there are scorch marks on most of the buildings.

Pia leads him to a warehouse full of supplies. She tells Bram that she just found the place and believes it’s some sort of food distribution center. Pia’s been outside the wall 11 times and still hasn’t seen anybody. They pillage for items hard or impossible to come by inside the bloc.

Words as Weapons

The Transitional Authority makes an announcement over the city-wide speaker system. They say that Geronimo’s headquarters have been breached. No doubt Snyder’s idea, the circumstances surrounding the raid are greatly exaggerated, making it sound like a daring shootout and many of Geronimo’s “trusted lieutenants’ were killed. On this historic day, “the selfish forces of terror have been defeated.”

Snyder shows up at Homeland Headquarters and realizes he may have jumped the gun. Even he knows these two twentysomethings couldn’t be the masterminds behind the Resistance. Will advises Snyder it might have been wise if he had checked in before making a pronouncement that now has him left with egg all over his face.

The man and women Will busted are interrogated, but they have no connection to any of the attacks. The man is an ad executive and the woman is a graphic artist. The man still insists he’s Geronimo, but when Snyder asks who they were working for, the woman responds they were the voices for every citizen of the bloc.

Will questions why they did it, and the man tells Will that they didn’t have guns, but they had words, images and the power to get inside peoples’ heads. Will tells him what they actually accomplished was inciting insurgents to kill innocent citizens. The woman questions how Will can be a Collaborator. She tells Will that he isn’t one of them, he’s one of “us.”

Snyder and Will leave, and Will reminds Snyder about their deal. His job was to find Geronimo and he gets Charlie back. Snyder argues that their deal was predicated on the understanding that Geronimo was the leader of the Resistance, not bullshit hipsters.

Snyder informs Will that since Phyllis is dead, he’s now in charge. And while Snyder goes through the long, arduous process of trying to get Charlie extricated from another bloc, Will needs to find the real terrorists.

Snyder’s announcement about Geronimo did not have the effect on the Resistance he intended. Quayle addresses a few of his followers, including Katie. He wants to make sure the Occupation the Resistance is undiminished. He warns them to prepare themselves, the war is about to begin.

Will Makes an Accusation

Now that Will’s in charge, he can follow up on his hunch that Jennifer is the leak. He calls her into his office and accuses her, stating it isn’t himself or Beau. Jennifer responds that Phyllis had her own theory about the leak. Jennifer asks Will why he thinks Phyllis had Katie come to her office alone? Jennifer poses the scenario that possibly Will was passing information to the insurgents without even knowing it, being the trusting husband that he is.

Will Grows Suspicious

Will arrives home to find his wife gone. The tutor, Lindsey, says that Katie is at the bar. Will takes the opportunity to ask Lindsey if she remembers anything unusual about the day their house was bombed. Lindsey is clueless, or she’s putting on a very convincing act. She says she took the kids to the park and missed the whole thing.

Later, at the bar, Will breaks the news to Katie about Phyllis. She does a fairly convincing job of looking surprised. Will asks Katie if she said anything about Phyllis to anyone, and she swears that she didn’t. Then he asks Katie to give him a little more information about the conversation Katie had with Phyllis. Maybe something that could help him with his investigation.

Katie admits that Phyllis seemed suspicious of her, and that Phyllis seemed to be trying to figure out if the bombing had anything to do with Katie, Will and their marriage. Will doesn’t understand why Phyllis would be fishing in that particular pond, but Katie says the woman didn’t share any possible theories.

Snyder Finds Himself in a Jam

Will may have to answer to Snyder, but Snyder has a much scarier boss, Helena. She works for the Governor-General, a yet to be seen power player.

Snyder wants to know if the Hosts have been informed about Geronimo’s capture. Helena states the Hosts are aware there is a Resistance, but they haven’t been told anything specific about Geronimo. The Governor-General wants to wait and see where this is all going first. So her question for Snyder is will Geronimo roll over on the other terrorists.

Snyder has no choice but to admit that Geronimo was nothing more than a figurehead. But he’s got a plan to use Geronimo’s power to their advantage.

Snyder’s grand scheme involves Luis Ortega, the faux Geronimo Will busted. He wants Luis to play the role of Geronimo in public, a patsy to take the fall. If Luis agrees, Snyder will spare his life and get Luis sent to another colony.

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Is Will’s Circle of Trust Widening?

Will searches the bar and comes across Katie’s box of keepsakes, but not much else. There is a Joseph Conrad novel in there which should be telling since Justin had a book of the author’s as well.

Will may not know exactly what’s up yet, but he no longer thinks Jennifer is a spy. He apologizes to her and the two bond over a glass of whiskey. Will questions why Phyllis would think Katie is working for the Resistance, but Jennifer tells him not to take it personally as their former boss was suspicious of everybody. Will is curious what Jennifer thinks, and she says she doesn’t think they have a leak, she believes the Resistance is getting their information from somewhere else.

We get to see a softer side to Jennifer. She tells Will how her fiance had been killed, collateral damage during a terrorist attack. This explains why Beau described her as a true believer. She’s not doing this job for the Raps, she’s doing it for the families of victims getting caught in the crossfire. Or she’s totally full of shit. On this show, who knows?

All for Show

Snyder is going to great lengths to save his own ass. He’s orchestrated an elaborate, televised trial starring Luis as Geronimo. Oddly, Snyder is also presiding as the judge. He’s got a steady stream of tearful witnesses, the family of slain Homeland officers and anyone else he could think to parade out to paint Geronimo as a monster.

No big shock that Snyder finds “Geronimo” guilty, nor is it a big surprise that he sentences him to death and screws Luis over as well. The guy is paraded out in public and hung like a character in an old western. I’m surprised Snyder couldn’t get his hands on a guillotine.

The Resistance readies to make a bold move, and it involves Snyder. What they aren’t expecting is that they’ll have to deal with Will as well.

Colony airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

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