On this episode of Sleepy Hollow, “Incommunicado,” Crane finds himself trapped with the Hidden One and Abbie turns to Pandora for help. Meanwhile, Sophie, Joe and Jenny battle a Banshee.

Agent Foster and Abbie have another odd case on their hands. A garage band, comprised of middle-aged men, are all found dead. One of the men was a FBI agent who worked out of Abbie and Sophie’s office. The victims all suffered from ruptured eardrums, leading to a cerebral hemorrhage.

Death by Rock and Roll

Abbie and Sophie’s job is made much easier by the fact the guys video recorded their rehearsal. Sensing this crime has some supernatural flavor, she procured the footage off the laptop. They see a huge black cloud. Interference prevents them from getting much more than that, but they know they are dealing with some unknown entity.

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The Emblem Explained

Crane is busy studying the symbol and how it works in conjunction with the Tablet of Witnesses. His work is interrupted by the Hidden One. The dark deity is just a tad put out about how Pandora has been treated, particularly by Crane and Joe who had physical altercations with the little woman. The Hidden One is displeased that this group of mere mortals have forgotten their place.

The Hidden One wants to know where Abbie is, but Crane refuses to talk, even after he’s promised a quick and painless death if he turns his partner over. The Hidden One decides to just kill Crane with some blue ball of light, but the magic death orb is rendered ineffective when one of the symbols flies out of Crane’s pocket and intercepts it. The Hidden One refers to the symbol as “Thura.”

Abbie arrives back at the Archives, but she can’t get in the door. There’s some sort of electric barrier in place. Abbie heads into the tunnels and runs into Pandora. So much for going in the back entrance. Pandora explains the barrier is designed to contain the power of a god.

The symbol is know as the Emblem of Thura, and Pandora tells Abbie it’s been activated for the first time in four thousand years. It was created to imprison gods, and it feeds on the power of the being it has imprisoned. The more the Hidden One fights, the closer he’ll bring them closer to death. Pandora predicts that her husband will throw everything he’s got at the barrier, refusing to be imprisoned again, the power will build “culminating a maelstrom of fire and destruction.”

Abbie says there must be some way to calm the Hidden One down, and Pandora responds “That would be me.” Looks like these ladies are going to be working together for once. Pandora would ditch her hubby, but her box is broken, and her powers aren’t at their peak, so she’s got to stick it out.

There is some good news. The Emblem of Thura is less stable in the mortal world than in the Catacombs.

The Wail of a Banshee

Sophie shows Jenny the video, and Jenny figures out the noise at the end is a wail of a Banshee. Jenny calls Abbie and gets caught up on the events that have transpired on Abbie’s end. Jenny voices her serious concerns about Abbie teaming up with Pandora, but it’s not like she’s got much choice. Jenny needs to handle the Banshee, and Abbie will handle Pandora.

Crane, who was knocked out when the Emblem of Thura was activated, regains consciousness. The Hidden One enlightens Crane about their predicament. Crane figures out that the emblem keeps him safe as a kitten since it is more powerful than his nemesis. The Hidden One warns Crane that he hasn’t the slightest understanding of the emblem, but Crane assures him he’s a quick study.

Jenny seeks out an old friend named Connor who has some knowledge about Banshees. He gives them the 411 on how to defeat it. It involves using pure iron, no less than 200 years old.

In order to attract the Banshee, they commandeer an ambulance which does the trick. As they start to attack, Jenny gets a text from Abbie stating they can’t kill it. Pandora says the Banshee’s powers are the only way to take down the mystical barrier.

Their standoff with the mystical creature doesn’t go well for either side. Jenny, Joe and Sophie aren’t killed by the Banshee’s screams because they’re wearing special earplugs, but the noise is still deafening. Jenny tries some brute force which results in the Banshee turning back into a puff of smoke and disappearing.

Jenny calls Abbie and tells her sister that Pandora is just playing her. Jenny says that all Pandora cares about is putting her box back together again. Abbie doesn’t like putting her trust in Pandora any more than Jenny does, but in order to get Crane back, they need to capture the Banshee alive.

A Family Affair

Crane and the Hidden one are getting to know each other better. They argue about the importance of art and books and music. Basically, they don’t see eye-to-eye on anything. The Hidden one is a tad full of himself being a god and all.

The Hidden One also knows everything about Crane, including the fact that he inherited his role as Witness through his bloodline. Crane’s life was mapped out long before he was ever born.

Then the Hidden One uses his power to absorb the contents of every book in the Archives. He announces that there is nothing in any of them that can save Crane. He also tells Crane he’s alone, as he’s always been, but the Hidden One underestimates the bond between Abbie and Crane. His lack of understanding of human relationships may serve to be his downfall.

Plan “B”anshee

Jenny, Sophie and Joe set a trap for the Banshee and are able to restrain it using iron cables and an industrial sound blanket. The creature breaks loose and comes very close to killing Jenny, but Joe puts it down with an arrow through its chest. Now someone has to break the news to Abbie that they’re short one Banshee.

Jenny and Joe arrive in the tunnels and announce the bad news. Joe spots a piece of Pandora’s box. He’s still not over the almost turning back into a Wendigo fiasco from his last contact with a piece of the box.

They may not have a Banshee, but they do have Joe. Pandora says they can use his dark energy to break the barrier. He could die, but she can’t say for sure. Joe’s willing to take the risk because if Pandora draws the dark energy out, he could be rid of the Wendigo part of him for good.

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Another Unlikely Alliance

Inside the Archives, another alliance is forming. Even though the Hidden One believes Pandora would never stoop to working with a lowly mortal, Crane wants to spitball how they could aid in any rescue attempts. If the Hidden One drew power from the Emblem of Thura as Pandora worked a spell with her box, it might lower the barrier, but at the wrong moment, it could make things worse. Crane wants to use the tablet’s power to communicate with Abbie but tells the Hidden One it has only worked intermittently at best. The Hidden One, being omnipotent, points out that Crane’s mode of translating the tablet is 600 years too young. Luckily, the Hidden One can help with that problem.

Confessions of Love and Deceit

Jenny begs Joe not to go through with the plan, but he’s determined to be Wendigo-free. Things go awry once Joe turns because Wendigos aren’t known for being team players. Pandora wants to kill him, but Jenny insists she can’t get through to him. Jenny tells Joe she loves him and that does the trick. Pandora is able to continue with the spell.

Pandora is able to harness the energy, but she can’t direct it to the right place. Pandora says she needs any pieces of the box she’s got in her possession. Abbie’s convinced she’s been conned, but Pandora assures her she’s got no secret motive.

Pandora’s harboring some serious guilt. It’s her fault her great love got imprisoned the first time, and it’s her fault again. She knew Abbie and Crane had the emblem but didn’t tell the Hidden One. With Joe dying and Pandora seemingly sincere and penitent, Jenny gives Pandora the piece she and Joe acquired at the auction.

Inside, the Hidden One helps Crane get the tablet up and running just in time to witness Pandora’s confession. Crane isn’t able to get through to Abbie, and the Hidden One deals with the fact that he doesn’t know everything after all.

Outside, the spell begins to work. The barrier disappears, as does the Hidden One. Joe survives the ordeal and Abbie is reunited with her bestie.

As with the barrier, so goes the emblem, so Abbie and Crane have nothing to guard them against the bad guy.

Meanwhile, Pandora has a lot of explaining to do.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8pm on FOX.

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