Six months after his abduction, Morgan returns to work in Criminal Minds season 11 episode 17, “The Sandman,” and rather than being able to focus on getting ready for fatherhood, he’s part of yet another “To Be Continued.” This time, just as he’s picking Savannah up for Lamaze classes, someone’s watching them, the screen fades to black, a shot rings out and she screams his name.

Here’s what led up to that shocking ending in “The Sandman.”

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Six Months Have Passed, and They Still Don’t Know Who’s Responsible for Morgan’s Abduction

CM 1117 1.pngMorgan’s looking into it and any possible connection to the Dirty Dozen.

Morgan and Savannah Have Gotten Married

Unfortunately, the men of the BAU don’t have the best luck with relationships.

The Team Celebrates Morgan’s Return and the Baby

Again, happiness can’t last very long for this team.

The World Feels Different Now That Morgan’s Going to Be a Father

CM 1117 2.pngThough he initially blames his time on the sidelines, Reid knows that it’s his impending fatherhood that’s getting to him. “It just feels so hard, not as in difficult, literally hard, like asphalt is hard,” Morgan admits. And children are “soft,” “defenseless.” That’s why they try every day to make the world safer, Reid reminds him, assuring him that he and Savannah are going to be great parents.

Morgan Leaves Rossi’s Poker Night in a Good Mood

After all, 25% of every pot goes to the Baby Morgan Tuition Fund.

Morgan’s Focused on the Conversation with Savannah About Godparents

CM 1117 3.pngIt’s not that he could’ve seen that shot coming, but instead that it’s another something “good” that means something bad is about to happen. And it does:

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