Season 3 of ABC’s hit drama Scandal introduced us to B613, the most covert and, (up until now) most powerful branch of the US Government. It was the agency that made and broke Huck, brought Jake into Olivia’s life, and made Rowan Pope a serious force to be reckoned with. It solved a lot of questions, including the mystery behind Operation Remington and the real deal with Olivia’s mom. Now that everything is out in the open and even more scandals are starting to surface, does B613 need much screen time anymore? There are a few reasons why it doesn’t.

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Jake is in Charge

Ousting Daddy Pope from the big B613 chair was a shocker and Jake taking his place was an even bigger one. However, with Olivia’s fake boyfriend in charge, B613 just isn’t the big bad wolf in Washington anymore. As much as I love Jake, he is too much of a straight shooter to run the ultimate covert agency. B613 is as ruthless as the man who leads it and unless Olivia asks, Jake wouldn’t even entertain going against the President. Last night’s episode, “No Sun on the Horizon,” proved he was willing to walk away from it all if Olivia would come with him. He’d do whatever the White House tells him do, so there’s nothing for Olivia and crew to be scared of. Not even Quinn is afraid of him, talking to him all crazy in “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies.” Trust me, if that was Rowan, she would’ve gotten the verbal smack down of her life! Since that won’t be happening, there’s no reason to waste precious screen time on B613.

There are Bigger Scandalous Fish to Fry

The second half of the season started with a huge bang, with plenty of scandalous story lines to keep us watching. Fitz is trying to get his re-election campaign off the ground, facing off with Sally while trying to have his way with Olivia. Cyrus is reeling over the identity of Publius while inadvertently sharing a political bed with Mama Pope (via Adnan Salif). Even the cool and collected Harrison is having issues of his own, his past coming back to bite him. Mellie is on her way to having an affair with her husband’s VP and we’re just waiting for her kids to come home and cause more drama. Oh, and we can’t forget that the Gladiators still have bills to pay by fixing other people’s problems. With all of this, do we really have time for B613? I don’t think so!

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B613’s Best Agents are Gone

While Huck has been off the agency’s reservation for quite awhile, there were other agents that had some serious skills. Charlie was Huck’s biggest adversary, escaping death on a few occasions. Now he’s more interested in freelancing, his services going to the highest bidder as opposed to B613. Before we fell in love with Jake, he was teetering on the line of spy and stalker when his mission was to keep an eye on Olivia. Alas, he caught some serious feelings and he’s been on Team Olivia ever since (which is going to get in the way his job). The only one who is true to the agency is Quinn and we all know she is just an accident waiting to happen. She lacks the training and the heart to be a real B613 agent. That leaves Jake has to handle the dirtiest business himself! You would never catch Rowan doing that.

Scandal airs on Thursday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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