Move over vampires and werewolves, zombies are all the rage these days, and even procedural dramas are bringing their own spin to the craze. Tonight’s Criminal Minds, episode, “Rabid,” sees the BAU trying to figure out just how it is they may very well be dealing with someone who’s turning people into zombies.

Meanwhile, we all know that Morgan knows what he’s doing when it comes to the physical side of the job, but what happens when the two geniuses of the team–Reid and Garcia–try to train without him?

Check out the “Rabid” promo:

In tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds, the BAU heads to Milwaukee to try to figure out just why three bodies have been found with animal and human bite marks in a shallow grave.

The promo CBS has released from this episode is all about the case, and as we can see in the beginning of it, the UnSub is keeping dogs and humans in cages and recording what he’s doing to them. Somehow, he’s turning his victims into real-life zombies (of a sort). He leaves one tied up in a cell, unable to escape, before letting another one who has already been infected and is “stark-raving mad,” as Blake describes it, attack. It’s wild, and somehow despite everything else I’ve seen on this show, it seems like one of the craziest episodes yet.

Take a closer look at Criminal Minds’ “Rabid”:

Elsewhere, Reid and Garcia work out for a company fitness test, but they are determined to hide their preparation from Morgan, and that’s what we see in the sneak peek.

Garcia and Reid are the two least likely members of the team to have to run a mile in the field, and they know it. Garcia’s not even in the field! That doesn’t mean they don’t have to pass this fitness test, and so that means they’re training, but without Morgan. “He has really good abs,” Reid offers as the only argument they really need for why they should ask him for help. However, Garcia has worked out with Morgan before, but only once, because of how he gets. Never before have those two been so happy to get a case, but first, Reid needs to have a quick heart attack.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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