The question Liars fans have been asking for months has just been answered. While we don’t have the scoop on ‘A’s identity yet, we can say for certain that Caleb will be seen wandering the streets of Rosewood once more when Pretty Little Liars returns for season five this summer.

Last seen heading off to Ravenswood after breaking up with Hanna, Caleb is going to have a whole lot of explaining to do in order to mend fences. Of course, excited fans of the Hanna and Caleb (or Haleb) relationship are likely hoping the reunion will eventually lead to romance.

Star Tyler Blackburn left Pretty Little Liars after the series’ Halloween special to headline spinoff Ravenswood, where he and four strangers tried desperately to solve a deadly mystery plaguing the town. 

For ABC Family, the only thing mysterious about Ravenswood were the ratings. Although it premiered to healthy numbers, the 10-episode first season ended with only an anemic 1.4 million viewers. ABC Family quickly pulled the plug on February 14, causing speculation that Blackburn’s Caleb would soon return to the mothership show. 

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“I’m heading back to Rosewood and I’ll be back this summer on Pretty Little Liars,” Blackburn announced on ABC Family’s “Behind the Curtain” online after show. 

While Caleb is expected to return early in the season, the producers are mum on any specific details about his return. Will he bring along any of his new Ravenswood friends, alive or ghost? More importantly, will he and Hanna rekindle old flames?

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Executive producer Oliver Goldstick was tight-lipped about Blackburn’s role when he returns as a series regular for season five. “It’s premature for us to talk about that,” Goldstick said on Behind the Curtain. “I can just tell you it’s a lovely reunion.” 

Now what’s to become of poor Travis? 

Check out the full episode of Behind the Curtain below. For those impatient, the news of Blackburn’s return is around the nine minute mark:

What do you think? Are you thrilled Caleb is back or did you prefer him gone? Are you team Caleb or Travis? Sound off in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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