After a season of new faces and trouble for remaining team members on Criminal Minds, they will be visited by a familiar face as they face off against Mr. Scratch, their season-long tormentor. According to CBS, Moore will return as fan-favorite Derek Morgan (in the present day) to present a lead to the team about their UnSub.

The season 12 finale, airing Wednesday, May 10th at 9/8c on CBS, will (hopefully) wrap up the drawn-out battle between the Criminal Minds team and Mr. Scratch, who has been tormenting them since the season began. Scratch escaped prison last season when the team was locked in with some of the worst serial killers, and his goal has been simple: take down the team.

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Derek Morgan’s departure last season was unrelated, but Mr. Scratch certainly has made his way through the team. Ignoring the fact that Thomas Gibson was fired, the writers used Mr. Scratch to write off Hotchner, who left the team after his son was threatened by the devious serial killer. Also, Reid’s current story has to be tied to this villain, too. It’d be too much of a coincidence if it wasn’t.

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However, bringing Morgan back will be interesting since it will most likely show that, just because he left the team, it doesn’t mean his past is behind him. Even off duty, Mr. Scratch is coming for him. This is all speculation, but that seems the most likely scenario for his return.

What do you think? Are you excited for Morgan’s return? What role do you think he’ll play in Scratch’s takedown? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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