Betty and Jughead went public in last week’s Riverdale, “Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place,” to the surprise of Archie and their friends. The two teens, #Bughead, went from friends to investigative partners to romance. Will their relationship stick?

BuddyTV visited the Riverdale cast on location in Vancouver and asked Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse about Betty and Jughead’s relationship and what it means for their group of friends. Is there a love triangle happening? Or, maybe a love square?

Archie turned down Betty’s advances, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t have feelings about his two friends getting closer according to Reinhart. It could get very interesting.

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Neither Betty or Jughead had romance in mind when they first started investigating Jason Blossom’s murder together, but according to Sprouse, they are a “force of investigation and companionship.”

If you’re a Bughead fan, you’ll be happy to hear what Sprouse has to say at the end of in the below video interview!

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