It’s time to add another log onto the proverbial speculation fire when it comes to Once Upon a Time season 6. 

Between rumors that a season 7 will be more like a reboot than a continuation and reports that several key cast members could be saying goodbye at the end of the year, season 6 looks like it could bring a proper close to the narrative. Once Upon a Time co-creator Adam Horowitz, as well as fellow co-creator Edward Kitsis, hasn’t commented publicly on his plan for the end of season 6 and the beginning of season 7. On his Twitter account Horowitz released the title for the season 6 finale and it sounds appropriately final.

Can Once Upon a Time Afford to Lose Prince Charming and Snow White?>>> The title for the two-part season 6 finale is not the most original. It does, however, plant a pretty firm sign for what it is about to happen. The last two episodes of Once Upon a Time season 6 will be titled “The Final Battle Part 1” and “The Final Battle Part 2.” Both episodes will be written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitisis. 

Taken out of context the titles suggest the season 6 finale will be rather like a series finale. As one Twitter user and fan, @LizaLaRumbelle, pointed out, a final battle has already been teased on the show. Rumple told his estranged wife Belle in the season 6 winter premiere that if they can’t stop their son’s mission of vengeance the whole town might be in store for a huge climatic war. This isn’t the first time Rumple has talked about final battle either. Going back to as early as the pilot the Dark One has been teasing a huge battle. It is not hard to connect the dots between these ominous warnings and now the finale titles. 

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Some fans have taken things in another and maybe more pessimistic direction. The final battle might not refer to one for all characters but simply just a single one as if someone is going to die. This would suggest that season 6 would be less of a series finale and more just a season finale but it doesn’t exactly sound like a happy ending, which is what most people want from a fairy tale.


Other fans just want Once Upon a Time to pull the trigger and tell fans what is really going on rather than just constantly teasing and I’m inclined to agree. It’s fine if Once Upon a Time is ending in season 6 or even planning to start semi-anew in season 7. It would be better if the show just spilled the beans and let fans prepare rather than the constant teases and rumors. It’s a point that Twitter user, @KillansBae, makes perfectly using the show’s own words against them.


But what do you think? Is this the end of Once Upon a Time? Do you want to know what is happening or do you like the mystery? What does the title mean for you? How do you hope season 6 ends? 

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