Supergirl¬†and The Flash are teaming up for a two-part musical crossover. Our favorite superhero characters will be singing and dancing in an alternate reality courtesy of Glee alum Darren Criss, who’s playing the Music Meister.

Check out photos from these episodes below, which air on Monday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 21:

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First up is Supergirl. In season 2 episode 16 (titled “Star-Crossed”), “A new villain (guest star Teri Hatcher) comes to National City, putting Supergirl on high alert. Meanwhile, Winn’s girlfriend, Lyra, gets Winn in trouble with the law. Maggie attempts to help Winn, but old loyalties get in the way. The Music Meister (Darren Criss) attacks Supergirl.”

The King and Queen of Daxam Arrive


Lyra Gets Winn in Trouble with the Law — But How?


The Music Meister Shows Up to Create Chaos


Mon-El Springs into Action


Supergirl is Attacked By the Music Meister


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Then in episode 17 of The Flash season 3 (titled “Duet”), “Barry and team are surprised when Mon-El and Hank Henshaw arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl who was whammied by the Music Meister (Darren Criss). Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can’t cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate reality where life is like a musical and the only way to escape is by following the script, complete with singing and dancing, to the end.”

Mon-El and Hank Henshaw Bring Kara to Team Flash


The Music Meister Also Puts Barry into a Coma


Barry and Kara Wake Up in a Musical


Martin Stein and Joe West Belt Out Some Tunes


The Music Meister Gets Winn to Sing and Play the Piano


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