A lot of things are expected to change when Suits returns for its seventh season. Mike rejoins Pearson Specter Litt as a legitimate lawyer while Rachel is now a full-fledged lawyer who is determined to rise up. With Mike’s legal drama behind, the couple can now focus on their future. But that does mean wedding bells are in the cards for Mike and Rachel this season?

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Not necessarily, according to Suits creator Aaron Korsh. While marriage is still their end goal, Mike and Rachel have many things to consider, including the timing of their wedding.

“Certainly not at the start of the season, but there may be at the end,” Korsh told TV Guide. “I’m going to be a little cagey on that one. We’ve set up the dynamic that they want to get married. They are going to get married. We are still in the process of breaking the full season. We’re about halfway through right now. They didn’t forget that they are going to get married and we as writers didn’t forget it. They are destined to replan their wedding. We have a couple of episodes where they are like, ‘We know we said we were going to have it at Harvey’s place, but do we really want to do that?’ Originally the plan was to have a huge open wedding and make a big event of it. They decided not to do that when Mike was a fraud because they were worried that would bring too much attention to them. Now that is no longer a worry so they’re going to think about and they’re going to have to think about, “Is this the right time?” They’ll have to make a decision and we’ll see what happens.”

Besides Mike and Rachel’s relationship, there’s more to look forward to in the upcoming season. There’s also Donna and Harvey “will-they-won’t-they” dance — which seems to be finally coming to fruition considering Donna finally told Harvey, “I want more.” Before they can even get together, however, Donna has to know what she wants.

“First of all, Donna has to figure out what that means,” Korsh revealed. “I think Donna wants more on more than one level but she’s not sure what more she’s going to get, what more she’s going to pursue. She’s not 100% sure what it means to her when she says it… I feel like there is a lot that happens over the course of the season in the realm of Donna and Harvey.” 

Korsh doesn’t also want to commit to a storyline and reveals that his process may frustrate a lot of fans since he can be very fickle.

“The reason I don’t commit to something is because my writing process is we always lay out a plan and then at the last minute we decide, ‘This doesn’t feel right,’ and we change a plan. I don’t think, as a writer, if you are not open to seeing what feels right in the moment, the quality of the thing is not as good. As we hit the roadblock, for example, to Harvey and Donna getting together, you might decide to go around the roadblock a certain way, but as I’m going around it, I might want to change direction and go another way,” Korsh explained. “There’s a lot of debate in the writer’s room. There’s a lot people that feel passionately one way or another. The actors have opinions on how they feel one way or another. The fans obviously do. When people come at you with their passionate thoughts, you try to pick a path forward that feels right.” 

Should Harvey and Donna get together this season? Should Rachel and Mike get married? Which relationship are you more interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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