Season 5 of The Fosters picks up right where the season 4 finale left off. Mariana is leading the resistance against turning Anchor Beach into a private school, and Stef is tracking Callie’s phone in an effort to find her.

What this premiere episode, titled “Resist,” lacks in action, it definitely makes up for with some emotional high points.

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Callie’s Biggest Mistake Yet

In the season 4 finale, Diamond was supposed to bring a girl back to her “Daddy,” Russell. She had lied to Christina, saying she knew a guy who could get her a record deal. So when Callie offers to go in Christina’s place and pose as her, Russell wants to know if she can actually sing.

Callie is separated from Diamond and another girl in a suite at the All-Star Inn. While we see the others on screen, we can eerily hear Callie singing next door. The other girl with Diamond is playing a game on her phone. Diamond is starting to realize just how much trouble they’re all in. She asks the girl if she can play too, and when she is denied, she comes up with a different plan.

When Diamond and Callie were picked up in the van, Callie threw her phone in a duffel bag, thinking Stef would be able track it. They ran into a problem in the middle of the trip when Russell handed off the bag to someone else. Diamond relays this story to the man who is with her in the room. It turns out that the bag holds more than just Callie’s phone. It also contains a bunch of meth that Russell stole from Munchie. The guy steps outside to make a phone call to Munchie to let him know what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Russell is impressed with Callie’s singing voice. He thinks she’ll be able to do a lot for him; she just needs to work on her look. He tells Diamond and the other girl to give Callie a makeover.

Stef Follows the Wrong Trail

Unaware that she’s tracking a duffel bag full of meth and not Callie’s phone, Stef finds herself at a shopping center with a liquor store and laundromat. She goes inside each store desperately searching. She thinks every brunette she sees is Callie and then becomes increasingly crushed each time she’s wrong. She goes back out to the parking lot and admits to herself that Callie might be trapped in the trunk of a car. She knocks on every car and still finds nothing. Just when she’s about to give up hope, she glances at the phone. The icon on the “find my phone” app starts moving at the same time a car peels out of the parking lot.

A small car chase ensues, but Stef is eventually able to stop the guy. It turns out, though, that this guy is just a messenger and doesn’t know anything about any missing girls. He was given a job to pick up a bag, and that’s it. She asks for a description of the guy, but the messenger says he didn’t really get a good look. The only information he has is that he was in a white van.

Meanwhile, at the All-Star Inn, Callie is still getting her makeover. She looks down and sees that the girl has a phone in her purse. She keeps making exaggerated eye movements, trying to relay to Diamond to steal the phone. Callie pretends that the girl poked her in the eye while doing her eye-shadow. Diamond uses the distraction to grab the girl’s phone. She goes in the other room and sends Stef a text. It’s a selfie with the All-Star Inn sign in the background.

The girl realizes her phone is missing, and Russell goes into the next room to confront Diamond. She has enough time to erase the text, though, so he gives the phone back to the girl, all none the wiser.

Russell and Callie go back to the other room alone. He lays his gun on the table. He has Callie take off her jacket. He tells her he’s going to make her a star. He calls her ‘Christina’ and then caresses her leg. At this point, Callie has had enough. She stands up and tells him that her name isn’t Christina and that her mom is a cop. Russell calls Diamond into the room to confirm the story. She tries to deny it. Callie tells them her mom is on the way now. She’s tracking her phone, which is in the van. The other guy runs out to check. Russell threatens to kill everyone.

Diamond grabs the gun off the table and points it at Russell. At the same time, Munchie shows up wanting his stuff back. Diamond and Callie take off into the other room to hide in the bathroom. They can hear an argument and scuffle break out between Munchie and Russell.

It’s at this time that Stef finally sees the text message Diamond sent earlier. She calls for back-up to the All-Star Inn. Callie and Diamond hear a gunshot and make a break for it. They run out of the motel room and are met with blue lights and sirens. Diamond is still holding onto Russell’s gun. It goes to commercial break just as it looks like the cops might shoot her.

Luckily, on the other side of the break, Stef is able to intervene. The girls are safe. Diamond watches as Russell is loaded into an ambulance after being shot by Munchie. Stef has arranged for her to go to a new home for girls to start getting her life on track. Hopefully, it sticks this time, though it’s hard to tell whether or not it will.

Stef takes Callie home. She’s clearly frustrated and confused. She says she doesn’t know what it will take for Callie to start valuing her own life. She also fills in the detail about Troy confessing to killing Martha, which means Callie’s case might be dismissed after all.

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Protest at Anchor Beach

The vote to privatize Anchor Beach has passed. Mariana is leading the resistance. She along with Jude and other protesters are in the courtyard, chanting. Drew is becoming increasingly upset. He tells Lena she needs to shut it down before things get out of hand. She says she won’t stifle their right to protest.

He goes outside and tells everyone to go home, that basically what’s done is done. They refuse. Finally, Lena tells Mariana to calm everyone down. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Drew plans to escalate the situation. All this does is cause Mariana to change their chant from “Education is a right, not just for the rich and white” to “Hell no, we won’t go, private school is a no.”

Lena is right, though. Drew does escalate the situation. While school security attempts to break up the protest, Jude gets pepper sprayed in the face. Eventually, everything is broken up. Drew thinks he’s won. He tells Lena that being a principal sometimes means you have to make tough decisions. Monty pulls an ace out of her sleeve to inform Drew that technically he isn’t the principal. She hasn’t resigned yet, and now she doesn’t plan to. With Monty still the principal, the vote to privatize Anchor Beach is invalid.

Jesus Loses His Temper

Brandon and Emma are trying to find Jesus. He took off after learning about Emma’s abortion and accusing Brandon and Emma of fooling around with each other. While they’re searching across town, Jesus is actually at home taking a baseball bat to Brandon’s room. He destroys everything.

Gabe, who’s been staying in the garage, is able to calm him down. Brandon and Emma come home. They all apologize to each other. Brandon tries to explain that any looks he and Emma shared were just because they were trying to figure out how to take care of Jesus. They understand that he’s still dealing with a brain injury. Jesus admits he had a dream that Brandon and Emma were together, and he wasn’t really able to differentiate that dream from reality. Luckily, Gabe was there to help Jesus work through his issue.

Gabe was previously going to move to Tahoe, but after dealing with Jesus he decides to stick around for a while. He and Ana had been talking about giving up on being parents to the twins. They both believed they were too inadequate to help Jesus and Mariana in any positive way.

We’ll see how this develops. The previews for the rest of the season of The Fosters tell us that Jesus isn’t done with his anger management issues.

What did you think of the premiere? Will Brandon forgive Jesus for his outburst? Can Callie finally find some peace? Will this family ever be able to relax? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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