On the season 7 premiere of Suits, “Skin in the Game,” Harvey and Mike work one last case together, Donna takes on a new role at the firm, a heartbroken Louis lashes out and Harvey has trouble stepping up to the plate.

It’s the dawn of a yet another new day at Pearson Specter Litt, and there promises to be a lot of changes as life can finally get back to normal now that Mike is a legit lawyer — or will it? Fans hoping that Donna’s proclamation to Harvey in the season 6 finale that she wants “more” would mean a hook up between the twosome are going to be disappointed. Harvey decides to ask out his former shrink, Dr. Agard, instead. She’s taken aback, but Harvey explains he’s not the man he used to be. He’s made peace with his family, he’s taking control of his firm, he got his old associate back, and, now, all he wants is somewhere to share his success with, and he thinks it could be her (Why not Donna?????!!!) Agard agrees to one dinner date but makes Harvey promise that if there’s zero chemistry, they’ll part as friends.

Partner in Crime

As far as Donna goes, she’s figured out what wanting more means. She informs Harvey that she wants to become a partner. Donna may not be a lawyer, but she’s helped to keep the firm running for a decade, and now she wants a seat at the table. Harvey has a lot going on with Mike’s return, not to mention he’s about to break the news to Louis that he plans on taking full control as managing partner, but he promises to take her request into consideration and broach the subject with Louis.

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Butch and Sundance Ride Again

Mike breaks the news to Nathan that he’s not coming back. He cushions the news with a check for 500k. Nathan still thinks Mike is selling out, even when Mike tells him he’ll be doing a ton of pro bono work. Mike also suggests that the two partner up on occasion. Mike urges Nathan to consider all the good he can do with the money.

Mike is eager to settle into Harvey’s office and get started on his do-gooding, but Harvey has other plans. He wants them to work a corporate case together first. Harvey regrets the fact that he and Jessica didn’t work cases together after she made managing partner. They had a great time, but once she stepped up, their relationship changed. Harvey wants one last chance to kick ass with his protégé.

Mike and Harvey meet with their client, Neil Stillman. Stillman is in a hurry to sell his vodka business but is cagey to divulge why. He feels Harvey’s been giving him the brush off and needs to see some love from his attorney before divulging all the deets of this deal.

Louis Unravels

Gretchen suggests Louis take a vacay in the wake of his breakup with Tara. But Louis is determined to throw himself into his work, particularly overseeing the associates. Louis lost his shot at fatherhood, so he’s going to play daddy to the new crop of attorneys. Louis is determined to be a bit more nurturing, and he’s put to the test when an associate, Brian, asks for two days off in the midst of a big case. But when Louis learns Brian needs the time for the birth of his child, he goes Litt shit.

Rachel witnesses Louis’ tantrum and goes to Donna for help. She reveals that Tara broke up with Louis, and this isn’t something he’s going to get over quickly. Rachel thinks she should take over the associates until Louis can get his emotions under control.

Donna confronts Louis about his behavior, warning him that his verbal abuse could be actionable. She floats the idea that Rachel handle the associates, and Louis takes it as well as can be expected. He makes it clear that Donna is too low in the pecking order to tell him what to do. Donna says she’ll let it go because he’s hurting, but the fact that he would speak to her that way just proves her point.

The Harder They Fall

To entice buyers for Stillman, Mike and Harvey throw a huge bash which includes a whole lot of vodka and a whole lot of models. They wind up with two bidders who they call into the conference room “accidentally” at the same time. The men get one chance to write down their best bid — winner takes all. The men threaten to collude (not budge past their initial 100 million dollar bids), but Harvey and Mike inform them there’s one more horse in the race who has already put their money where their mouth is.

Feeling frustrated that Harvey hasn’t given anymore thought to her proposal, Donna hands him a check for 500k. Harvey comes up with more excuses to hold off, but Donna tells him it’s basically time to shit or get off the pot, and that includes letting Louis know Harvey is taking control.

During his date with Dr. Agard, Harvey is distracted, so the conversation turns to his work drama. Agard thinks the date may have been a mistake after all, believing Harvey isn’t really interested in her romantically. He’s just having another crisis and needs her to walk him through it. She also confesses that she’s been having fantasies about him. However, her fantasies didn’t involve a man still too afraid to admit that he needs help getting his house in order. She offers to recommend another therapist for him and ditches Harvey at dinner.

Louis continues on his rampage, biting Rachel’s head off. This prompts Donna to call Harvey and force his hand. If he doesn’t do something, the firm is at risk of being sued by its own associates. Harvey agrees to let her become a partner.

Things get worse for Harvey when he learns from Mike that the sale of Stillman’s company can’t go through. It turns out Stillman’s was about to be sued for using another brand’s recipe for his vodka. That’s why he was in such a rush to unload. Stillman claims he didn’t know, but it doesn’t matter because the paperwork has been signed. Harvey doesn’t believe Stillman, so if he lets the deal sail through, he’s guilty of committing fraud. Stillman threatens to fire Harvey if he doesn’t do it and then hire someone who will. The world will believe that Harvey can’t fill Jessica’s shoes and leave the firm left and right.

Mike forgot to tell Oliver he was leaving the clinic, and Oliver shows up to confront him. Ollie went out on a limb to help Mike. Mike swears his motivation for returning to Pearson Specter Litt were truly altruistic. Oliver questions what case Mike is currently working on, and when Mike remains mum, Oliver accuses Mike of using the clinic to bide his time.

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Be Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive

Harvey arrives at his office the next morning to find that Mike has packed up everything and is thoroughly pissed off. Harvey tries to explain why he let the sale go through, and Mike accuses Harvey of being afraid and not taking charge. Harvey insists he’s doing the best he can, but Mike believes Harvey is hiding because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for the firm. Mike advises Harvey that he doesn’t have to be Jessica, he just has to be his old self. The Harvey he met the day he hired him. Harvey can continue hiding in Jessica’s shadow, or step out of it and start being Harvey Specter.

Harvey takes Mike’s advice and stops the deal. He threatens that if Stillman fires the firm, he’ll put out a press release that the firm no longer represents clients who are unethical, and the whole world will know who he’s talking about. The new plan is for Stillman to go into the guy’s whose process he stole and give them 10 percent of the business. Stillman will triple his price and have a very public feud over whose vodka tastes better. This idea works for Stillman, and Harvey makes it clear that his firm will never be bullied by any of their clients.

Donna witnesses Louis eviscerating another associate and confronts him in the men’s room. She lays down the law that Louis is no longer in charge of the associates and reveals she’s a senior partner. Louis thinks its bullshit and refuses to give up his associates. Harvey intervenes and has Donna’s back. Harvey also informs Louis that he’s calling the shots unless Louis has a problem with it, which he doesn’t.

A humbled Louis comes to Rachel and hands over the associates. He finally realizes he’s not in a great head space. He apologizes for being a dick, and Rachel accepts. She also thinks Louis needs some closure.

So, Donna’s got a new office, Harvey is the cock on the block and Louis is a mess. And Harvey makes a big romantic gesture and gets the girl after all. Who could resist that face?

Are you surprised Harvey made Donna a partner? Will this bring her and Harvey closer together or pull them apart? Will Louis ever find lasting love? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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