In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “A Dark Reflection,” the hunt is on for the final Mortal Instrument, the Mortal Mirror, as Sebastian and Johnathon scorch the Earth to find it, with Jace and Clary racing against the clock to stop them. Elsewhere, Simon and Maia have a rocky start to their relationship, Magnus grows tired of Alec’s lies and someone finally figures out Johnathon’s true identity.

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The Hunt for the Mortal Mirror is On

Clary is plagued by the nightmares from her hallucinogenic visions at the lake in Idris, which doesn’t do much to keep Clary and Jace’s smothered flame from burning. She confides in Jace her longing to find her brother, Johnathon, who is still hiding in the shadows with Valentine as he finds out more about his mother, her death and her vitriol for her son. Slowly but surely, Valentine gets Johnathon under his influence, even with Johnathon realizing that it will take him away from his sister.

Upon their return, Alec informs Jace and Clary of the missing Soul Sword and how it could tie into a mystical prophecy regarding an age-old angel. Valentine and Johnathon go to great lengths to try and fix the sword, even looking for help in the hands of the Iron Sisters, but it can’t be fixed. In order to achieve the prophecy, which grants the wielder of the Mortal Instruments one wish, the Mortal Mirror must be found, which leads Valentine and his son bathed in demon fire on a quest for world domination.

Valentine and Johnathon take a warlock hostage who might be hiding the Mortal Mirror on behalf of Jocelyn, Clary and Johnathon’s deceased mother, but the path goes dark as the defender sacrifices himself in order to keep the location a secret. After the warlock’s death, the responsibility transfers to Dot, who brings the Shadowhunters into the fold, letting Jace and Alec know the potential location of the Mortal Mirror.

While Jace and Clary go to investigate the death of the original warlock, Johnathon (still disguised as Sebastian to Jace and Clary) pops in right as Clary deduces that her long-lost brother is the cause of the warlock’s death. Unbeknownst to the fact that they are in the room with Johnathon, Jace sets out to hunt him down as Clary tries to defend the sibling she has yet to knowingly meet. Fueled by Jace’s words, Johnathon sets out on his quest to get his sister to love him, stirring a deep darkness in him that’s bursting at the seams. 

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Clary Meets Her Demonic Brother

Magnus and Alec have a romantic dinner amidst Alec’s stress at the institute, and their relationship isn’t the only one bathing in candlelight as Simon asks Maia out on a real second date. Unfortunately, Maia spins the situation and places Simon directly into the friend zone despite their evident chemistry. While helping Isabelle with her brother Max’s training, Simon is overseen by Maia, which makes the current romantic situation open up into a love triangle, despite Maia’s reluctance to take the next step with Simon. 

Magnus learns that Alec has been lying to him about the Soul Sword’s disappearance, which only fuels the distance growing between the two. Dot deciphers the location of the Mortal Mirror to be in an old park where Clary used to go as a child. While getting ready for her mission, Johnathon comes knocking on her door, looking to comfort her as Sebastian and not her almost-forgotten brother. 

Isabelle, picking up on the undertones between Simon and Maia, goes straight to the female source to get to the bottom of his recent trip to the friend zone. After a heated bonding experience, Isabelle lays Maia’s choice right in front of her — either be alone or give Simon a chance — and leaves Maia to ponder taking a leap of faith. Magnus, enraged by Alec’s lies, takes a side in the downworlders versus Shadowhunters schism, vowing to stop Valentine. But he looks to turn to the Seelie Queen instead of his boyfriend and the other shadowhunters.

Clary, Jace and Dot find the Mortal Mirror but don’t know that Johnathon is right behind them. Johnathon, showing his true demonic self, ambushes them, placing a sword to Jace’s neck. Clary appeals to her brother, offering him the Mortal Mirror and free escape, or a new life with her as opposed to their evil father. Dot, sensing the dire situation, opens a portal and sends Jace, Clary and the Mortal Mirror out of harm’s way and away from Johnathon. Heeding Isabelle’s advice, Maia comes to Simon, truth in hand, and takes Simon up on his second date. 

Back in the institute, Jace and Clary protect the Mortal Mirror, but Max comes face to face with Sebastian right as he figures out he’s Johnathon, thus becoming the only one who can identify Clary’s brother. 

Do you agree with Jace or Clary in regards to Johnathon? Do you sense an end coming for Magnus and Alec? Is Isabelle just a friend or possibly something more for Simon? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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