In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Day of Wrath,” Simon, Rafael and Magnus end up working together to try to summon Camille, who continues to go after innocent mundanes. Meanwhile, Clary has to make a difficult choice, and Jace is put on trial for his crimes in the City of Bones.

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City of Bones

“Day of Wrath” opens on Clary visiting Jace at his cell in the City of Bones, where he is imprisoned and awaiting trial for treason after his actions in previous episodes of Shadowhunters. She tries to get through to him, but he is determined that she needs to stay away from him and that Valentine will hurt her if she doesn’t. He’s also clearly hurting over the feelings he still has for her, which becomes important later.

Later, while he’s still in the cell, Jace has a nightmare that Clary comes to see him again, and he stabs her when she gets too close. When he wakes up, he discovers that Hodge is actually in the next cell, and the other man warns him to try not to sleep while he’s there. The Silent Brothers, he explains, haunt their dreams in order to torture them further. Jace is confident that he won’t be broken by this place the way Hodge and so many other prisoners were, but only time will tell.

Eventually, Jace is brought to trial, where he has to hold the Soul Sword and answer questions that Aldertree presents to him. While holding the sword, he cannot tell a lie. He’s asked whether he killed Gretel, and he answers that he did not but does confirm that he captured her for Valentine, which he takes responsibility for. 

Soul Sword

But Aldertree presses Jace further and asks about his love for Clary. He gets Jace to admit that what he feels for her isn’t the sort of love a brother should feel for a sister; it’s more than that. I mean, I don’t know that I would love a long-lost sibling right away the way a sibling does, but I get the point. 

Anyway, he’s also asked whether he thinks Valentine’s ideas are wrong, and he says yes and no. He feels that his ideas are misguided, but he’s also seen Camille’s vampire den full of tortured mundanes, and he blames the Clave for not taking more action against Downworlders in that regard. Finally, he is asked to pledge unconditional loyalty to the Clave, but he can’t, and Aldertree declares that he will recommend a life imprisonment for Jace. Yikes.

Jace almost immediately tries to kill himself with the Soul Sword but is stopped by one of the Silent Brothers. It looks like he may be sentenced to a life sentence of mental torture after all.


But later, Valentine and his men fight their way into the City of Bones, and Valentine tries to convince Jace to go with him of his own accord. Jace refuses, but Valentine orders him to be taken with them anyway. Hodge manages to grab the Soul Sword from one of Valentine’s guys, but it is used against him and he is killed. It’s eventually revealed that Dot helped them with the raid, and Valentine thanks her, before turning his sword on his own son.

Jace dares him to kill him, but he doesn’t and instead orders his men to kill Aldertree, who was used in order to break in. When Aldertree tells Jace to get the Sword from his father before he steps into a portal, Jace instead chooses to save Aldertree, and Valentine escapes with the weapon, leaving Jace and Aldertree alone. Uh oh.

Caught in the Middle

Elsewhere, after a cute conversation between Magnus and Alec — in which they try to make plans for a first date before Alec is called away — Magnus suddenly gets involved in the affairs of the Clave versus the Downworlders yet again when Rafael shows up at his door, badly injured. He had been tortured by Aldertree with a UV light laser in order to get information about Camille’s whereabouts following more attacks on mundanes. And after he was unable to tell Aldertree anything, the other man made sure he was left with plenty of evidence of his interrogation.

Magnus begins to heal Rafael, even going so far as to say that Rafael is like a son to him and that he believes part of why Aldertree hurt him was to punish Magnus for his role in the whole Alec and Jace situation in the previous episode of Shadowhunters. Rafael asks him to help bring Camille to the Clave, but Magnus is reluctant. Remember, he and Camille had a relationship for a very long time. But if Rafael doesn’t deliver her to the Clave within 12 hours, he’s been told that he and his clan will be burned alive. Ouch.

Just then, Simon, who’s been juggling trying to get the box of Camille’s he found open and plans with his family, shows up to also ask Magnus for help in finding the vampire. He and Rafael almost come to blows, but Magnus cools them down, and Simon reveals the box, which Rafael claims is Camille’s grave dirt. This is important because it can be used to summon her. He cuts Simon’s hand, since her “blood” is needed to open it. Sure enough, it opens to reveal the dirt.

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Magnus’ Choice

But during a conversation on the deck with Simon, Magnus reveals that part of why he’s so reluctant to turn Camille in, despite the latest heinous crimes against mundanes, is that when he hit a very low point in his life in which he almost committed suicide, Camille saved him. It’s not so easy, he explains to Simon, to turn on someone when they’ve done something like that for you, even if they’ve changed.

So when he sends Simon and Rafael on an errand together, claiming it’s for something he needs in order to summon Camille, he instead summons and traps her all on his own in order to talk to her in private. But all she really does is try to convince him that he will always love her and that she’s the only one who will be able to always love him. She clearly doesn’t feel remorse for her crimes. Ultimately, Magnus makes the decision to send her somewhere, trapped in a portal — it sort of sounds like he says Idris? So it’s likely that she’ll be put on trial before the Clave after all.

New Threat

Finally, Clary faces an important decision in this episode, and the entire Clave deals with a new threat to them and to mundanes. Jocelyn reveals to Clary that she’s been “reassigned” to Idris, and she asks her daughter to go with her. Before Clary can really talk about it with her, Alec and Izzy walk in, informing them that there’s been a demon attack against a mundane downtown, and she’s called away.

Luke manages to keep the other police officers away while Izzy, Alec and Clary investigate the mundane body, which was clearly attacked by a demon. Clary and Alec break off to look for the demon together, and he gives her a new rune that will help her see a demon’s heat signature. It’s a little overwhelming to her senses at first, but she adjusts quickly because of course she does. Clary is just that special. 

Eventually, they find a girl covered in blood, with no memory of how it got there. Alec explains to Clary that she clearly has a possession hangover, but the demon is nowhere to be found. But when the first mundane body is brought back to the Institute, a strange black cloud of smoke escapes it and makes its way into a nearby vent. I’m not sure why no one caught that, but whatever.

More Attacks

Then a body is found within the Institute itself, and the others realize that a demon is on the loose within the building. It apparently has advanced cloaking abilities, which are a new trait that they feel has come out of Valentine’s insane experiments. They believe that the demon possesses a person then forces them to act on dark feelings with violent urges, so it’s imperative that they find and stop it before it hurts someone else.

But they don’t act quickly enough. While Izzy and Clary look together, and have a heart to the heart about Clary’s choice regarding Idris, Lydia is sent to look with another Shadowhunter, who is quickly possessed by the demon. She manages to fight him off until Alec arrives and saves her, but she’s badly wounded in the attack, and the demon escapes again.

Clary’s Loss

Later, Clary talks with her mother in her room and explains that she doesn’t feel she can go with her to Idris. She wants to learn to stand on her own and feels that there are people there who need her. Her mother seems to understand, though it’s clearly a tough moment for them both.

But when Clary is wandering the Institute later, she finds Alec covered in blood, with no memory of what happened. She follows bloody footsteps to a nearby room, where she finds her mother — dead. When she and Alec watch the video later, it confirms that he was the one to kill Jocelyn while he was possessed by the demon.

Somehow, Clary is able to continue working with Alec, and they eventually come upon Izzy, who attacks him for killing Jocelyn. They quickly realize that she is possessed now, and the three of them fight. When Izzy has Alec pinned, before she can deal a devastating blow, Clary stabs her in the back shoulder from behind, forcing the demon out but not administering a fatal wound. She strikes it with what seems to be the Soul Sword or something like it, and this destroys the demon. 

Izzy and Alec embrace, and he heals her while Clary sits in a daze nearby. Jace, Aldertree and Simon then arrive, a little late. And Aldertree seems to disappear, while Jace goes to the twins, and Simon goes to embrace and comfort Clary. Alec takes Izzy to get help, and Jace looks on while Clary cries on Simon, eventually following the siblings he was raised with in exiting.

Do you think Clary will be able to easily forgive Alec? Will Magnus feel guilty for turning Camille over to the Clave? Will Izzy fully heal? And what will become of Luke, who’s lost the love of his life that he was considering going to Idris with, and Clary, who’s lost her mother? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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