With so many reboots and revivals in the works, so many shows are focused on starting over or continuing stories we saw end. Both of these can be fun to watch, but why aren’t we also looking at shows that we wanted more history from? The beauty of a prequel over a reboot is that a prequel can fill in the missing gaps of a show, while a reboot often takes away from the plot of its source material. 

Some shows allude to so much during their story that we never see, that we often feel cheated. As good as the show itself may be, we wish that more of its history was available to us. For instance, wouldn’t it be great to see Supernatural‘s John Winchester as a younger man, hunting demons long before Sam and Dean were on the scene? Or even to learn of some past lives of The Vampire Diaries‘ Salvatore brothers? From these shows and more, here are six shows that have more than enough backstory to make for a good prequel.

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1. Supernatural

We’ve heard the tale of how the Winchesters first became demon hunters time and time again. We’ve even gotten some great flashbacks and time-travel to visit the early days of John Winchester before Mary’s death, and a lot of the young Sam and Dean getting acclimated to this lifestyle. But how great would it be to see the entire life of Sam and Dean growing up? Watching Sam reject this lifestyle, argue with John and Dean try and be the mediator while still kicking ass, all in the search of Azazel? This is something Supernatural fans would definitely tune in to, especially given how well Matthew Cohen carries himself as young John Winchester.

2. Once Upon a Time

Through some graphic novels, we’ve gotten insight into the background stories of Hook and Robin Hood. Based on how enthralling those were, it’s safe to say that a standalone series surrounding either of these characters is sure to captivate fans of Once Upon a Time. Both characters have two of the richest backstories on the show, which is really saying something. Aside from great content, the actors playing Hook and Robin Hood (Colin O’Donoghue and Sean Maguire, respectively) carry themselves so well on the show that we’re confident that either could lead their own series.

3. The Vampire Diaries

Given that both Stefan and Damon have lived through many lifetimes, we could really put them in any time period at this point and guarantee that a lot of Vampire Diaries fans would tune in. Because of the popular storylines in the show, perhaps the most interesting timeline to look at would be the early days of Stefan, Damon and Katherine. Watching when and how the Salvatores first became demons and how all of their story ties back to this girl is something fans are dying to see.

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4. Sons of Anarchy

When Sons of Anarchy first started, we were already thrown into the thick of some serious family drama. Jax Teller’s father had died in a motorcycle “accident” and his dad’s best friend was now married to Jax’s mother. The show flipped a couple of times between whether John Teller was strategically killed by Clay and Gemma or committed suicide, ultimately landing on the latter. Still, given how much it flip-flopped and all the hopes we learned John had for the club, we need to know the full truth of his demise. Seeing him try to keep the club clean against all odds and watching Gemma turn into the psychotic murderer we know she became would make for some epic television. It would also allow a lot of familiar faces to return, since most of the club was there before John died, and when he wrote the journals about SAMCRO that Jax would later be addicted to.

5. Sherlock Holmes

There have already been film versions of a young Sherlock Holmes, but none in the tone or style of the Benedict Cumberbatch series’ version of the character. Showing a younger version of this neurotic sleuth much before he meets Watson and having to deal with his brothers and mother more frequently is definitely worth examining. Seeing how a character got to a certain point is always interesting, and with Sherlock Holmes’ unorthodox mindset, it’s even more enticing.

6. House of Cards

As addicting as House of Cards has been, we haven’t been more on the edge our seats than in the moments where we’ve gotten glimpses into Frank and Claire’s college days, or even their estranged relationships with their parents. The episode in which Frank returned to his alma mater showed us a whole other side of him. Learning about Claire’s rape at a younger age was also a huge surprise to us. Fans of this Netflix drama would love to see the journey Frank took as a young man to become the manipulative political sleuth we love to hate today. For us to understand Frank’s mindset and where he’s going, we need a full understanding of where he’s been.

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Which show would you love to see a prequel to? Let us know in the comments below!

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