On this episode of Frequency, “Harmonic,” Raimy questions Robbie, Meghan gives Raimy information that leads to some damning evidence against the Deacon and Frank is investigated by Internal Affairs.

With Deacon Joe arrested for robbery, Frank uses the opportunity to talk to Joe. Frank tells Joe he knows who he is, what he’s done and even what he’s going to do. Frank gives the Deacon an ultimatum: he can confess to being the Nightingale, or he can walk, and Frank will hunt him down and kill him. Frank also reveals to Joe that he’s the one who kidnapped him.

Father and Daughter Question Father and Son

Frank turns from bad cop into good cop, and swears to Joe that he doesn’t want to kill him, by giving the man a chance to turn himself in. Joe insists he’s not a monster and demands a lawyer.

Raimy rushes a frantic Meghan and an injured Robbie to the hospital. Robbie came to the cabin because Joe called him. He doesn’t know how his stepfather found him, but the Deacon was angry and yelling about Meghan and said he was going to hurt her. Satch informs her they’ve got an APB out on Joe, and he’s wanted for kidnapping and attempted murder. Raimy is determined to nail the Deacon for killing his wife, but Satch says they have no proof. Raimy reminds him that they have Meghan, but Satch doesn’t believe she’s a credible witness. Raimy says Robbie told Meghan, but Satch needs Raimy to get a statement from Robbie himself.

A nurse updates them on Robbie’s condition, and he’s going to be fine in spite of having the wrong blood type on his id card. Also, according to the nurse, the man’s name is Carter Benson and not Robbie Womack.

Raimy questions Robbie, and he admits to have been living an alias since he ran away from home at the age of 16. Raimy pushes Robbie to give her any information he can about Joe killing his mother, but Robbie says he doesn’t remember. He’s also got a family he wants to protect. He got away and put the past behind him.

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Raimy tells Robbie that Meghan wasn’t so fortunate, and their stepfather made her life miserable. She also lets him know that she believes Joe is the Nightingale. If Robbie wants to help her, he’s got to talk.

Robbie reveals that Joe tried to kill him the summer they went to Camp Hideaway, and it was Meghan who saved him. That’s when she cut herself. She fought Joe, and afterwards, he sent her away to the institution. A month later, their mother went back to work. She said they needed the money, but Robbie knows she did it to get away from Joe. Robbie was too young to fully understand what was going on, but he did know that after Meghan went away, his mother fell apart, and she and Joe were fighting constantly.

One night things went too far, and Joe killed Christa. Joe told Robbie it was a good thing, and that they were going to save her soul and give her a good death, ars moriendi. Joe said a prayer and wrapped Christa’s hands and feet with rosary beads. He and Robbie placed her body in tarp and hid it in the closet. Robbie says they never spoke of it again. It was as if she never existed.

Raimy asks if Robbie knew Larissa Abbott. He remembers she worked at the camp and helped Meghan, but that’s all he knows. Raimy also questions if Robbie might have an idea where Joe would have moved the body, but he doesn’t.

Raimy Gets a Big Break and Frank Walks a Fine Line

Raimy breaks it to Frank that Robbie isn’t dead. Meghan just assumed Joe killed him, but Robbie’s been living all this time under an alias. Raimy wants to know how long the police can keep Joe in custody, and Frank figures just a day or two. Raimy wants her dad to do whatever it takes to break the Deacon, even if it means getting physical. Frank can’t go to the extremes Raimy wants him to. The Deacon is in custody, and Frank doesn’t get do-overs like she does. Whatever fallout he has, he’s got to deal with it, and so do Julie and young Raimy.

Raimy gets a lecture from Gordo about her obsession with catching the Nightingale. All she does is work. She lives in her dead mom’s house, only has weird stalker-y relationships and has one friend, him.

Raimy gets a call from Meghan who remembers there’s a shed at the cabin. It’s where Joe used to beat them, and he had a hiding spot for the belt. Meghan says it’s not big enough for a body, but Raimy still wants to know exactly where to look.

Raimy takes Satch with her back up to the cabin. They search the shed, and Raimy finds a box with several of the victim’s I.D.’s: Carmen Salina, Amanda Baldwin and Christa Hurley. She also finds pictures of Larissa Abbott, and the photo of herself and Julie.

Frank arrives at the precinct and is informed by Stan Moreno that Deacon Joe is claiming Frank went ballistic and beat him up (He really hit his own head repeatedly against a table.) Internal Affairs is looking into the accusation, but Frank claims he’s innocent. Moreno is suspicious as to why Frank is so interested in a collar that isn’t even his. Moreno also knows Frank questioned the Deacon with the mic off and wonders if there’s more to the story.

Moreno warns Frank that he came at him and missed. But Moreno promises he never misses. Frank tries to explain that what’s going on is way bigger than their beef. Frank also finds out that the cops let Deacon Joe walk.

Raimy may have found evidence to put Joe away, but that doesn’t save Julie. The Deacon will also be lawyered up, so there’s no way she can get to him. She tells Frank he’s got to find the wife’s body, so Frank can put him away in 1996. They decide the best course of action is for Frank to see if the box existed in 1996. She also urges him to find young Robbie.

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Gordo’s Guilty Conscience

Raimy emerges from the garage to find Gordo waiting. He wants to apologize for giving her a hard time. He also reveals that he blames himself for Julie’s death. A kid beat him up and stole his bike, and to teach Gordo a lesson, his dad made him walk to school for a month. One day it was raining, and Julie felt sorry for Gordo and took him to school. That happened to be the day Julie disappeared. She promised to pick Gordo up, but she never showed. Gordo feels that if Julie had just gone home as always, she wouldn’t have been taken.

Raimy tries to comfort her best friend. She assures him the Nightingale was stalking Julie, and he was going to take her anyway.

Frank Confides in Satch

Frank has Satch meet him away from the precinct. Satch wants to know Frank’s connection to the Deacon, and Frank admits to kidnapping the man because he’s the Nightingale. He wants Satch’s help to bust Joe. Frank asks Satch to check out the shed behind the cabin.

While Satch searches for evidence, Frank goes to see Meghan. He breaks the news that Robbie isn’t dead. Frank has a possible work address, but he wants Meghan to come along. Robbie is so scared of being found Frank believes a familiar face might help.

Robbie’s working at a shipyard, and he’s thrilled to see his sister. But as soon as Robbie spots Frank, he takes off running. Frank chases him and gets close enough to tell Robbie that he knows Joe killed Christa, and he wants to put him away. Robbie takes off again, and Frank loses him.

Frank brings Meghan to Queens, and Julie isn’t thrilled her husband has made their home a one-stop shopping destination for a serial killer. Frank is determined to keep everyone alive, including Meghan, and their house was the only place he could think of. He promises Julie he’s going to catch the guy and asks her to trust him.

Deacon Joe goes to the cabin and heads into the shed. The box is there, and he takes it and sits down. Satch shows up a few hours later, and Joe is long gone and so is the box.

In 2016, the cops manage to capture the Deacon as he’s stocking up on gas and supplies. He’s brought in, and Satch questions him as Raimy looks on with Stan Moreno. Satch tries to get Joe to admit to where he hid Christa’s body, but Joe isn’t talking and asks to go to the bathroom.

Raimy Makes a Trade

Raimy — who I assume got a free pass because her mother was a victim — corners Joe. She holds his head under water in the toilet, demanding to know where his wife’s body is. Raimy tries to beat a confession out of him, even threatening to shoot the next person who comes through the door if Joe doesn’t tell her what she wants to know.

Raimy tells Joe he won’t get a good death in prison. There will be no ars moriendi. Joe asks her how she knows about that, and Raimy tells him she knows lots of things. She knows he thought he was helping his wife, Meghan and all those women.

Joe says that Meghan always had the Devil in her, but he made a promise to Robbie before he left that he would never hurt her. But Joe broke a vow to his son, and instead of taking his own punishment, he stabbed Robbie. Joe says he’s lost his way, and it’s because of him that Robbie and Meghan are the way they are. He brought God’s wrath down on his own family.

Raimy says that maybe there’s a way they can help each other. She asks what he wants. A few minutes later, she emerges from the bathroom without her shoe laces.

The End is Just the Beginning

In 1996, Joe takes his box of keepsakes to a local diner and begins to clean them. He also urges the waitress to call 911.

Frank, Satch, Moreno and a ton of cops descend on the cabin and search the property. Thanks to an anonymous tip (Raimy), they are able to find Christa’s body.

Frank shares the news with Meghan, and even though she’ll have to testify, Joe will be going to prison for the rest of his life and won’t be able to hurt her again. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Robbie. Frank was able to track down his home phone and call him.

It may seem like a happy ending, but there’s one big problem — Raimy tells Frank that nothing has changed. Julie is still dead. Frank thinks that maybe there’s some kind of delay. He instructs his daughter to relax, saying the Nightingale is going away, and her mother isn’t getting taken.

Sure enough, as Raimy gets ready for bed, she hears a noise and heads downstairs with her gun only to discover Julie. As she hugs her mom, Raimy also notices that her engagement ring is back on her finger.

Julie may be back safe and sound, but the story isn’t quite over. Robbie returns to his ding apartment and inside his closet are tons of pictures of Julie. So, either his wicked stepfather wasn’t working alone, or Robbie is the Nightingale or both.

Why is Joe covering for Robbie? Is Meghan involved too? Should Frank and Raimy expect a happy ending when they’ve been altering the course of history? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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