Colony’s “Somewhere Out There” shows Katie’s family falling apart all around her. Will’s on the other side of the wall dealing with Charlie and Solomon. Bram’s been transferred and could end up at the Factory. And Maddie’s doing some weird stuff with Nolan.

How Did The Hosts Get Here?

Colony’s “Somewhere Out There” begins with a flashback of scientists listening to some astronauts’ first contact with aliens.

Will Bram Be Sent To The Factory?

A drone tracks Katie as she bikes around. Meanwhile, posters of Snyder are being torn down around the bloc. She goes to visit Bram, but they’re on lockdown and she’s not allowed in. She asks a guard to check on him, but he’s been moved! Has he been sent to the Factory?

Katie then goes to see Maddie and she’s disgustingly felt up by a guard as she enters the green zone. She tells Maddie that they transferred Bram and she’s freaking out that he was sent to the Factory. Maddie promises to talk to Nolan and that she’ll get him out. Katie tries to take Gracie home but she wants to stay with her creepy tutor Lindsey.

Maddie then talks to Nolan when he gets home. Bram’s “being processed” and he doesn’t know if he’s going to the Factory. Maddie says they need to help him, but Nolan says they can’t stick their necks out too far as Bram committed a crime. He doesn’t want to call in all their favors now. What if they need help later on? And anything they do could be used against them to question their loyalty. Maddie needs to think about the initiation ceremony welcoming her into the inner circle instead. He promises to do his best though.

Bram, Mr. Carson and the other prisoners, meanwhile, are questioned about what they did on the bloc. Mr. Carson says he teaches high school. He’s told to get back on the bus, so he freaks out and says he has skills, but the guard knocks him out and he’s dragged away. So Bram lies and says he’s 20 and worked in construction. So he, a girl he met on the bus, and more are sent to a labor camp. The guard says that if they break they rules he’ll hurt them. If they do it again, they’ll go to the Factory. They’re always watching.

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Katie calls Maddie and says she has good news. Nolan got Bram off the list to the Factory and onto a bus to a labor camp instead. That’s not exactly good news, but Maddie says to be patient. Katie then tells Maggie that Bram’s working outside the wall and Maggie asks if he’s working to prepare for the “Greatest Day.” She thought Will and Bram weren’t coming home because she wasn’t working hard enough for the “Greatest Day,” but Katie says isn’t not her fault and not to listen to Lindsey about all this “Greatest Day” stuff.

So Katie goes to see Nolan herself. She asks if there’s anything else he can do for Bram. He made a lot of calls and if Bram behaves himself, he’ll eventually be transferred back. Katie says she thinks there’s more he can do, but he just doesn’t want to.

Bram, meanwhile, is already finding himself in trouble at the labor camp. A guard hits him and another prisoner almost approaches him until that girl saves him. She introduces him to another guy and tells the guy Bram snuck under the wall, which they both find very impressive. At the same time, a prisoner is caught stealing a screwdriver. Some guards and Snyder take him away, which means that Snyder’s now in charge of the labor camp. He and Bram recognize each other.

Maddie later shows up at Katie’s house and confronts her about going over to Nolan behind her back. Katie doesn’t think she’s pushing Nolan hard enough. Maddie says not everything’s about Katie and that Nolan knows how to play the game. Katie always just does what she wants without thinking about the consequences. “This is why you’re alone,” Maddie says before she storms out.

Later, Maddie goes to her initiation. She needs to safeguard the secrets of their movement from friends and family or she and everyone she loves will be punished. Now she’s a part of the “Greatest Day.” They leave her alone with this weird box, and when she looks in it, she sees, I don’t know, something magical.

Will Devon And Will Find Charlie?

Devon takes care of Will’s stab wound and questions him about how he got over the wall. She explains that they didn’t have enough red hats after the arrival, so Santa Monica fell apart. She says she’ll help him find Charlie though. Charlie has been working for a warlord named Solomon.

Solomon’s looking for a woman. So Will and Devon’s plan is to grab the woman to get a meeting with Solomon. Devon has Will go into the woman’s building first without his gun because it will look suspicious if he has it. As soon as Will knocks on the door, a man punches him in the face and they get into a huge fight. Will gets him into a chokehold, and a woman yells at him to let him go. Devon runs in and tases her.

Will and Devon deliver the woman to some man and they meet up with another guy and demand to see Solomon. They meet Solomon and Will shows him a picture of Charlie. He offers to trade his transit pass in exchange for his son. Solomon admits that he knows Charlie. He’s one of his best performers, but they had to break him first. Solomon starts pushing Will’s buttons. He says Will’s been missing for the past year and Charlie would be dead if it weren’t for him. Will should show some gratitude. Eventually, Solomon tells Will where Charlie is, but he warns him that the streets can change a kid and Charlie might not want to leave with him.

Will finally comes face to face with Charlie as he and some other kids are robbing a woman in an alley. Charlie’s in shock. Will goes to hug him, but Charlie sees Solomon watching them the whole time.

Will asks Charlie if he’s excited to see Bram and Gracie. They moved houses and he has his own room now. He asks if Solomon hurt him, but Charlie doesn’t really answer. Will leaves the room to let Charlie eat and Devon says to give it some time. She also mentions there were rumors that if the warlords turn in a certain amount of people to go to the Factory every month, the occupation will leave them alone. So that’s what’s happening to the woman they grabbed.

Will wakes up the next day and hears a scuffle. Devon’s holding Charlie outside and says he tried to run away.

Devon tells Will to look at Charlie’s ankle. There are scars on it. He tried to run away from Solomon once, so Solomon put him on a chain, and he learned. Charlie freaks out that Solomon will hurt him, his friends or Will if he leaves. So Will grabs his gun and storms out to deal with Solomon. He tells Devon to watch Charlie.

So, Will shows up at Solomon’s place and starts shooting. He and Solomon wind up getting into a huge fight and Will kills him. All the kids are watching and Will says he’s Charlie’s father and promises they’ll be safe if they come with them, but they run away.

What Are Jennifer’s Motives?

At one point, Katie joins a huge crowd and tries to get rations, but there’s not nearly enough for everybody. She then goes back to her empty house and breaks down. Little does she know, though, Jennifer is spying on her.

Jennifer gets called out to meet her new boss Dan Bennett. He questions her about Will and Beau. Will got a transit pass and she doesn’t know where Beau went. She says she doesn’t even have a theory, but it’s clear she’s lying. He starts to question her loyalty. She’ll get a chance to prove herself or will be assigned duties “more appropriate to your skill set.” And Dan’s “not a patient man.”

Jennifer comes home to find her house being searched. They don’t find anything, though, so they leave. But they did break a picture of her and her former fiancé.

Later, Jennifer goes to see Katie and tells her that she has to work for her. She knows what Katie’s been up to and she has evidence. Will basically admitted it to her before anyway. She wants Broussard. Katie claims she has no contact with him and can’t contact him. Who knows if that’s true? Katie says she just wants to focus on her family. She knows that Jennifer was close with Will and asks her not to destroy things.

Colony airs on Thursday nights at 10/9 c. on USA.

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