In the season 2 premiere of Scream, titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Audrey’s past comes back to haunt her, Noah remains obsessed with Brandon James and the killings, and Emma returns to Lakewood, hoping for a fresh start.

When we last saw the ridiculously good-looking teens of Lakewood, Piper Shaw was shot not once, but twice (as all slasher-film killers should be). Emma, “Em,” was down one bestie and one ex-boyfriend but had back-ups at the ready. But in order for there to be a second season, there has to be a body count, which means another killer. Is that going to be Audrey? What was “Bi-Curious” doing communicating with Piper Shaw? And now that Piper is gone, what is her endgame?

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It’s three months later, and Audrey is working at the local movie theater (she’s also apparently the only employee), which just so happens to be showing a horror movie. She receives a text, asking if she’s going to “the party.” The sender claims to be her conscience. It looks like somebody knows that Audrey’s been up to no good. Audrey wants to know who is texting her, but the sender will only say they are the “friend of a friend.”

Noah is still Audrey’s BFF, and he calls to let her know he’ll be coming by to pick her up so they can go to Emma’s homecoming party together. Noah appears to have picked up Piper’s mantle and started his own podcast, but when he asks Audrey if he should interview Emma, Audrey answers with a resounding no. In fact, they shouldn’t discuss “the incident” at all. Apparently, things didn’t go too well for Emma following the big reveal that her half-sis was a homicidal maniac, but the deets have yet to be revealed.

As Audrey is locking up for the night, she’s approached by a girl who recognizes Audrey as the hero who “saved” her friend from certain death. The girl is a superfan and asks for a pic. Soon, the two are being chased around the otherwise empty theater by a creep wearing a Brandon James mask. He (or she) snagged Audrey’s keys and is also filming because that’s what psycho killers do now. Being a homicidal maniac also means being adept at social media. The masked stranger stabs the unnamed girl repeatedly. 

Noah arrives and witnesses everything from outside but can’t come to his friend’s aid because the door is locked. Audrey gets her hands on an ice pick from a display case and drives it through the killer’s stomach. Only, this isn’t Brandon James the sequel. The whole thing was an elaborate prank gone terribly wrong. 

In the end, no harm is really done. The kid has a puncture wound in his abdomen, and Audrey’s off the hook since, according to the new sheriff in town, her actions were self-defense. 

Home Sweet Home

Brooke, Jake and Kieran are all eager to welcome Emma home. By the time Audrey and Noah arrive, Audrey’s antics have already gone viral. Everyone is very concerned that Emma not hear the gory details, fearing it will drive her into another meltdown. 

Emma arrives at Kieran’s place and is reunited with her friends. She had some sort of breakdown, but she’s back and ready for things to get back to normal. She and Kieran are no longer an item, but they’re still friendly. Kieran is living at his dad’s house, alone. His flaky Aunt Tina is supposed to check on him once a week, but he’s basically unsupervised. 

Noah doesn’t take Audrey’s advice and asks Emma to let him interview her for his podcast, The Morgue. She’s the only member of the “Lakewood Six” who hasn’t been on it yet. Emma wants bygones to be bygones.

Noah’s Obsession

As Audrey leaves the party, she gets a call from someone using the menacing voice modulator app. This person warns Audrey that she can’t get away with murder. They plan to torture her, stating that after what she did, Audrey deserves it.

Audrey turns to Noah for help to try and figure out who might have a reason to be targeting her. The pranksters from the movie theater met up in the comments section of Noah’s podcast. The girl’s name is Hayley, and she and a bunch of other Internet trolls thought it would be fun to get together and spook the local hero. Interestingly, the guy who instigated the whole thing didn’t even show up.

Noah hasn’t let the whole Brandon James thing go. He’s keeping a murder board, keeping track of everything related to the Lakewood murders and the town’s most famous son. The fact that some guy wearing a BJ mask went after one of the two survivor girls who ended Piper’s rampage is relevant; it’s all connected. 

Break-Ups and Make-Ups

Brooke and Jake are very much an item, and they enjoy a steamy swim in the school pool. They get into an argument because Jake wants to take their relationship public, but Brooke knows that her dad will lose his mind, since Jake blackmailed him and all.

Jake suspects there’s more to their mystery romance. Brooke has a history of illicit affairs, and Jake figures she’s getting off on keeping things on the DL. Brooke gets pissed at the accusation, breaks up with him and stomps off, but Jake promises that he’ll find a way to make her dad like him.

Emma may have broken things off with Kieran, but now that she’s back in town, she’s interested in starting things up again. But after a little heavy petting, she decides to slow things down, and they have a platonic sleepover.

Jake has a plan to win back Brooke and charm her dad that involves him heading to a construction site in the middle of the night. He spots a little toy pig, repeatedly oinking, and then steps into an animal trap. He falls to the ground, screaming for help. He’s knocked unconscious by another freak wearing a Brandon James mask and a black hoodie.

Things are tense between Emma and her mom, Maggie. Emma is still dealing with her mother’s many lives and very shady past. Emma’s also being plagued by nightmares about pigs and hallucinations.

What Dreams May Come

Instead of Language Arts class being the catalyst for discussions that apply to the events going on around Lakewood, this time it’s Psychology. The discussion turns to dreams, an area of particular interest to Emma. Dreams help process leftover fear and anxiety. The teacher wants everyone to keep dream journals. She also slips Emma her phone number in case Em feels the need to talk.

There are a couple of new faces of note. Zoe Vaughn (Kiana Lede), who’s a bit of a female-version of Noah, and Gustavo Acosta (Santiago Segura) who is the son of the new sheriff. He gives Emma a lot of side eye during class, and Brooke describes him as “creepy.” He’s also an artist who creates a gruesome image of Emma on his computer. 

Gustavo is a comic-book enthusiast and has his own theories about horror movies and such, including that killing never ends.

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Time to Pay the Piper

Audrey receives some texts from her stalker, which she shows to Noah. Whoever it is, they weren’t happy that she hung up on them the night before and warn her that there are consequences to her actions — blood-stained consequences. Noah doesn’t want to take any chances and insists they show the texts to the police.

The new sheriff, Miguel Acosta, believes Audrey’s street-hero cred is making people want to mess with her. Noah points out that they call late at night and keep texting, so it has to be more than a prank. Noah wants to file a police report, but the sheriff thinks Audrey should be the one to decide how to proceed. He excuses himself, and the minute he leaves, she gets another text. The sender advises her to rethink involving the cops because they know what she did last summer.

Noah wants to use his podcast to flush out the caller, but Audrey’s dunzo. She advises Noah that it’s time to stop obsessing over the murders. Piper Shaw is dead. The movie is over. Time to roll credits and leave the theater. 

Down to Five?

Jake wakes up in a barn. His foot is still locked tight in the trap, and there’s a video camera recording his every move. Wherever he is, it looks like the place is or was used for slaughtering animals.

Misery Loves Company

Brooke and Emma commiserate about their boy troubles. Brooke is bummed that Jake has gone MIA, and she’s even more upset that she cares. She tells Emma how lucky she is to have Kieran, who really missed her when she was gone. Emma thinks her freak-out really freaked him out. He’s been dodging her, and Emma thinks he views her as “the broken girl.” Brooke assures her that Kieran is a mess himself. He never even sets foot in his father’s room.

Noah’s Conspiracy Theory

Audrey has second thoughts after her tantrum, so she apologizes to Noah and asks him to walk her through his murder board. He thinks that the third prankster from his comments section and Audrey’s texter are the same person. Audrey questions if this is just some demented troll with a grudge out to catfish her or something else. Noah is leaning towards the latter, going so far as to state that this could be Piper’s accomplice. 

Emma decides she needs to face her demons and that she and Kieran should do it together. If they talk about everything they’ve been through, maybe they can get better. This also means an appearance on Noah’s podcast. 

James’ Farm

Something on Noah’s murder board catches Emma’s interest. It’s a picture of the farm that was the setting of a recent nightmare. Noah informs her that it’s a pig farm that belongs to Brandon’s brother, Troy. It also happens to be where Jake is being held captive — or is it?

Emma decides to pay a visit to the farm and drags Brooke along with her. Emma reveals that she’s actually been having dreams about the place since she was a little girl. She peeks inside the barn only to find it empty. Emma then turns her attention to the house, wondering if anyone is living there.

They let themselves in and discover that someone is living there, someone with a ton of pictures of Emma as a young girl.

Jake Dies and Audrey’s Lies

Meanwhile, Jake has been strung up and is promptly gutted by this season’s killer — one of them anyway. 

Audrey gets another text while she’s at work. This one directs her to one of the bathroom stalls, where she finds copies of the letters she wrote to Piper, the ones she burned in the season 1 finale. They talk about teaching the people of Lakewood a lesson and are all signed, “Your friend, Audrey.” 

Scream airs Mondays at 11pm on MTV.

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