Though Supernatural season 11 introduced audiences to a brand new villain, Amara, she wasn’t the only baddie around. In a season about God’s sister, Supernatural also brought back God’s favorite son. Supernatural fans got a glimpse of that cage that Lucifer has been trapped since season 5, Lucifer got out of that cage and even got a new “meat puppet,” Castiel. Some fans might always think of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer but Misha Collins proved a more than adequate substitute. Here are the 6 most entertaining Lucifer moments from season 11.

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1. Impersonating God

Though the years hunting have taken away (most of) Sam’s naivety, he is still the more hopeful of the Winchesters. This made him the perfect target for Lucifer’s trickery and manipulation. Lucifer appearing to Sam as John, who himself was supposed to be God, in a dream was an inspired bit of manipulation. It proved that just because Lucifer was in the cage didn’t mean he was completely powerless. Lucifer might be evil but he never gives up.


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2. Killing Rowena

Thankfully this didn’t take because Rowena is one of the best characters Supernatural has introduced in years. Still Lucifer, moments after taking over Castiel’s body, proved he wasn’t messing around with his second chance at freedom. Rowena was integral to Lucifer’s plans to be free but once he didn’t need her, her neck was easily snappable. It was a helluva way (pun intended) to open Lucifer being out of the cage again. 


3. Turning Crowley Into His “Dog”

Crowley, more than any other Supernatural character, has inflated sense of self. Crowley thinks he is much cooler and more powerful than he is in reality. Still Lucifer’s punishment for Crowley for taking over Hell when the former was in the cage was almost too cruel. The image of Crowley chained up and dressed in a ridiculous shirt as Lucifer’s dog is a perfect example of why Lucifer is so entertaining on Supernatural. He is evil to his core but there is something undeniably campy and plain fun about Lucifer.


4. Lucifer Giving Up His Castiel Act

There was something fun to seeing the jittery Lucifer play act at being the dour and super-serious Castiel. Supernatural chose the perfect moment to let the act drop and have Lucifer accidentally slip to Sam that he was walking around in Castiel’s body. With any other character, the reveal of such a big secret would send them scrambling and worried. This was not the case for Lucifer, he absolutely reveled in being able to act like his true self. There’s no doubt that Lucifer would have killed Sam, if the latter hadn’t banished him from the bunker.

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5. Lucifer’s Corporate Angelic Coup

It will never stop being hilarious that Supernatural’s idea of Heaven is a bleach white generic office space. The angels are so boring and ordered it can’t help but be endlessly entertaining. When the loud and obnoxious Lucifer is added into the mix, things just get that much more amusing. Lucifer trying to get the angels on his side to defeat Amara was just as entertaining as it was filled with tension. Lucifer made it clear he had no qualms in killing any of his brethren if they didn’t listen to him.


6. Lucifer: The Pouting Child

Supernatural’s first face-to-face meeting between God and Lucifer did not disappoint. Lucifer becoming a pouting teenager when confronting with his absentee father was excellent. Though Lucifer is mostly a very entertaining bad guy, the interaction between God and his favorite son did garner some sympathy for the last remaining archangel. This might be the first meeting between God and Lucifer on-screen but hopefully it won’t be the last. 

11ggg.jpgBut what do you think? What are some your favorite Lucifer moments of season 11?

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Supernatural will return for season 12 in the fall 2016 on The CW.

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