Barry Allen and Iris West are one of the most famous couples in all of comics. On The Flash TV show Iris and Barry did not start out quite so harmoniously. In season 1 there was an effort put into forcing the two together. Iris and Barry being together didn’t feel quite right in season 1. 

In season 2, particularly the back half of season 2, things finally clicked. After the events of season 2, Barry and Iris are finally in a place where a romantic relationship between them not only seems right, it feels destined. Here are 5 of the best Barry and Iris AKA WestAllen moments in season 2.

1. Barry Telling Iris About the First Time He Saved Her

In season 1 Barry and Iris fell into a bit of a repetitive rut. Barry would save her as The Flash, she would get all weak in the knees around the Scarlet Speedster. All the while Iris would have no idea that her best friend Barry was actually her knight in red leather. The first couples times it worked, the next several times… not so much. Near the end of season 2, The Flash managed to recapture some of that old magic.

After losing his powers Barry opened up to Iris about first act of heroism when he gained his speed. Naturally as we saw in the first episode,  Barry’s first act was to save Iris but Barry did more than rehash the events of the pilot. Barry took us through his whole emotional journey and how it felt to whisk Iris away to safety. Not only was the chemistry between Iris and Barry on full display during this scene, it reminded the audience that these two have always been meant to be together.


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2. Iris Confessing Her Feelings to Barry

The first time Iris opened up about her feelings for Barry she talked to Caitlin. That first initial conversation was really just setting the stage for this moment. When Barry confessed to Iris that he was in love with her in season 1 it was incredibly awkward and not just because Iris was in love with another man. Barry stumbled through the whole exchange and basically just blurted it out at the end.

Iris’ confession was clumsy as well but in an adorable nervous type of way. It was also a lot more heartfelt than Barry’s earlier confession. Barry told Iris that he loved her for mostly selfish reasons. He just “needed” to say it. Iris told Barry she loved him so that he would understand she would always accept him. Barry was struggling with the idea if he should try to put himself in danger to get back his speed. Iris told Barry she would love him no matter who he ended up being. She didn’t need him to be The Flash or “just” Barry Allen. She would love and support him no matter who he is or he would become.


3. Iris Bringing Barry Back from the Speed Force

“The Runaway Dinosaur” is one of the best episodes ever for The Flash. It balanced humor and drama perfectly and it still made time for romance. The image of Iris going into the Speed Force (thanks to Cisco’s powers) to save Barry is not just a beautiful demonstration of their connection, it is proof positive that Iris is much more than a love interest for Barry. She is the person who grounds him and connects him to the world and his family. Iris is not just Barry’s best friend and possible future wife. She is his home.


4. Barry Going with Iris to His Mom’s Grave

Barry, even with all his positive qualities as a hero, has a problem with “letting go.” In “The Runaway Dinosaur” Barry finally seemed to accept his mother’s death and murder. For the first time apparently ever, Barry went to go visit his mother’s grave. In this moment right beside him and holding his hand was Iris. Though neither Barry nor Iris said the “L” word in this scene it was clear that they were both pledging to be together with one another. In other words, Barry was saying goodbye to his past and saying hello to a future with Iris.  


5. Iris and Barry’s First “Real” Kiss

When Barry was at his lowest point in the season 2 finale, it wasn’t Joe, Caitlin or even Cisco who went to go talk to him. It was Iris who decided she was the only one who could comfort Barry in his depressive state after losing his dad and winning a hollow victory against Zoom. When Barry told Iris that he could no longer be with her because he was suffering too much inside, she didn’t rage or cry. 

Iris simply told Barry that however long it took, she would wait for him. The two then shared a sweet kiss which technically is their first ever kiss in that timeline, since Barry erased their first kiss in season 1 during “Out of Time.” It would have been the perfect bittersweet moment to end season 2. Alas it was not to be as The Flash ended on a head-straching and potentially game-changing stupid cliffhanger.


The Flash will return for season 3 in Fall 2016 on The CW.

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