It’s time for the Scream season 1 finale! Before I get started on this recap, I think it’s important to say rest in peace to Wes Craven.

Okay. Onto the finale episode, “Revelations,” where we’ll finally find out who the killer’s been this whole time. My money’s still on Piper having at least some part in all this. Who do you think the killer is?

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Where’s Sheriff Clark?

“Revelations” picks up right where the previous episode of Scream left off. Kiernan’s gone, Mr. Branson escaped and the sheriff’s dying on the screen. “Don’t trust anyone,” Piper tells Emma. So she calls Kiernan, who doesn’t pick up because he’s in his car loading his gun. Very suspicious.

So Emma goes to Noah and says they need to find the sheriff. He says he can help, but they also need to find Brooke, who’s throwing her own party. That’s when Emma gets a call from the killer, who says tonight’s the big finale and things are gonna get “gut-wrenching” if Emma doesn’t put the puzzle together. Suddenly, he shows up on screen and everyone starts freaking out.

Maggie, meanwhile, goes back to the station to take photographs from Mr. Branson’s escape because people think it looked staged. Emma shows up and says there may be a clue. It turns out there’s something in the dead guard’s mouth. It’s Maggie’s necklace that Brandon James had made for her. He used to leave her gifts in the tree house, so they head there.

Maggie and Emma make it and find Clark. Maggie goes to untie him, but all of his guts pour out, which is horrifying.

Piper shows up on the scene, while Maggie’s feeling an enormous amount of guilt, but Emma tells her, “We can’t let him win.” Emma has to tell Kiernan. Then she wants to go find the jerk who did all of this, but Maggie tells her not to and says to meet her at the station. Emma runs into Piper, who says she wants to help, so Emma asks her to go find Brooke.

Maggie and Emma go to the station when Noah calls. He’s been tracking things down and found out that the killer is trying to cut off their communication.

He finds out that the killer’s at Brooke’s house, but Emma gets another text telling her to go and not to bring the cops. Noah helpfully informs her that all of her friends are going to die one by one until she’s left. She’s the survivor girl while he’s just the know-it-all sidekick, so he’s doomed. “Tonight, we change the ending,” she says.

Brooke’s Party

Unaware of what’s going on, Audrey and Brooke bond over how miserable they are at Brooke’s party, but they quickly realize they should be friends. That’s when Jake and his date show up to make things worse for Brooke.

Brooke’s pissed that Jake’s making out with that other girl, so she starts making out with another guy. Jake then follows her inside, apologizes and admits that he was spying on her. But the spyware was deleted and put back up and he was trying to figure out who did it. But then she kicks him out.

Meanwhile, Jake’s date goes looking for Jake and happens to stumble upon a dead body. Everyone runs and the killer grabs Audrey. “What are you waiting for?” a stone-faced Audrey asks.

Brooke comes out to find that everyone’s gone. She thinks they’ve all ditched her, but she hears a noise. It’s Mr. Branson! She locks the door and he tells her that the killer set him up. He tells her he misses her and he would never hurt her, but Brooke doesn’t believe him and doesn’t let him in. There’s one door left and they race to it, but Brooke gets there first.

That’s when the outside lights go out. The lights come back on and the killer’s right there! He tries to get in, while Brooke runs and hides in the freezer where her dad had kept that body. Of course, he knows where she is and he locks her in and starts stabbing through it. Then he plugs it in.

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The Big Showdown

Emma and Noah arrive to find Piper’s car all bloody. They hear a noise and find Kiernan with his gun! He doesn’t say much besides “breathe” and “relax.” Then he says he got a text from Emma, which she did not send. Noah thinks he texted himself to get Emma to trust him. Kiernan denies being Brandon James’ son. He’s the sheriff’s son. That reminds Emma that she has to tell him his dad died. Kiernan then gives Emma his gun as a sign of trust, and they hug it out.

They go inside and split up, which is a horrible, horrible idea. Noah heads to the backyard and finds Audrey’s bag, while Emma and Kiernan run into Jake. They hear a banging and luckily find Brooke in time. Jake tries to give her mouth-to-mouth, which she does not need. Kiernan and Emma then leave Jake with Brooke.

Noah and Audrey find each other and the whole group meets back up. Emma leaves to call her mom, and Kiernan goes to find a first aid kit. This group really needs to stop separating. Emma gets inside and, of course, the phone starts ringing. The killer says that he had said it started with Daisy and ends with her. “You can’t have one without the other,” he says. He has Maggie at the dock where it all began, and Emma needs to go there by herself.

So Emma goes to the dock to see Maggie tied up to a chair and the killer shows up. Emma’s hiding a knife behind her back and says to take the mask off. It’s Piper! Of course, it is. “Hey, sis, surprise!” she says. Her murdered dad is Brandon James, obviously. Emma had thought Maggie had a son. “It’s 2015, Emma. Sexist much?” Maggie had led everyone to believe Brandon was the monster, but she was the monster. And Piper, of course, hates that Maggie abandoned her.

Emma asks why she killed her friends. “To watch you suffer, Emma,” she says. She also admits to framing Mr. Branson. Emma tries to stab her, but Piper stabs her first. “You’re so predictable,” Piper says. Maggie escapes and jumps on Piper, but Piper stabs her. “You always hurt the ones you love,” she says.

Piper says she has one more surprise before she kills Emma. “You’ll never see it coming,” she says. That’s when Audrey shows up and shoots. Piper falls into the water and tries to come back, but Emma shoots her again. “They always come back,” she says. So I guess we’ll find out what Piper’s big surprise was next season.

The cops come and deal with Piper’s death. Emma and Maggie are both okay and the nightmare’s finally over. Jake offers to check on Mr. Branson, but Brooke wants him to stay with her. Jake also deletes the files from his computer. Emma and Kiernan make up. And Noah and Audrey congratulate themselves on a job well done. 

Noah even takes over Piper’s podcast to sum everything up. He brings up a very good point, though. Who knocked Piper out? Well, as he talks and says there’s more to come, Audrey burns some very suspicious looking papers. So what does Audrey have to do with the murders? I guess we’ll find out next season!

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