The Dome isn’t the only thing coming down soon. CBS has announced that summer drama Under the Dome is ending its run once the season 3 finale (now the series finale) airs on September 10.

Under the Dome is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, and has followed the residents of Chester’s Mill as they dealt with a mysterious dome appearing over their town.

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“Two years ago, Under the Dome broke new ground in the summer and became an instant hit on CBS, as well as with viewers around the world,” Nina Tassler, Chairman of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement. “Dome‘s event storytelling and multi-platform business model paved the way for more original summer programming with the successful rollouts of Extant and Zoo. We’re excited to present the final chapter in Chester’s Mill as the story comes full circle, with the Dome coming down as dramatically as it went up.”

When the sci-fi series debuted in 2013, 13.5 million viewers tuned in, with the first season as a whole drawing in an average of 11.19 million. As shows normally do, season 2 saw a drop in viewership, with an average of 7.17 million. The current season saw another drop, with 6.25 million people watching the season 3 premiere, and the most recent episode (August 27) being seen by only 4.6 million viewers.

The ratings decline seems to be in line with a lot of viewers’ dissatisfaction over the direction of the show and some of its characters, especially compared to the novel its based on.

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With only two episodes left, will there be closure for fans of Under the Dome? According to the short synopsis released by CBS, there just might be: “In the series finale, when the Dome comes down, many questions about its origin and power will be answered, as two groups of residents engage in one final conflict that some won’t survive.”

At one time, there was talk that the series could keep going for as many as five seasons, but at least it sounds like viewers will get some sort of closure as Under the Dome comes to an end.

Are you disappointed that Under the Dome has been cancelled? Or do you think CBS made the right decision? And for fans of the Stephen King book, have you been satisfied by the TV adaptation over its three-season run?

Under the Dome airs Thursdays at 10pm on CBS, with the series finale set for September 10.

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