With only one episode left this season, it looks like Mistresses will soon be wrapping up the whole “who killed Luca Raines” storyline. As far as the other ladies, April and Mark could be navigating some rough waters ahead now that Miranda is back home. And Karen could possibly be raising her child with just Alec when Vivian finds out that her body is rejecting Karen’s stem cells. But we all know the ladies will pull through, they’ve certainly been through a lot in the past.

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What’s In a Plea?

Now that the police arrested Calista, she’s behind bars and not too happy with her lawyer. She’s forced to take a hard look at her life when her lawyer informs her that none of her friends will stand up for her character. Calista wants to just tell the police the truth, but her lawyer says she’s lost her credibility. Her lawyer advises that she throw Joss under the bus. She suggests saying they were going to kill Luca together, but she chickened out and fled the scene while Joss killed him alone. Calista refuses to take any plea deal.

Meanwhile, the district attorney has offered a plea deal to Joss. David informs her that the deal would mean that she would have to confess to shooting Luca, but also testify that Calista made her do it. In return, she could get 10-12 years behind bars. Both Joss and David agree it’s not a good deal, and David is confident she can get off.

However, Joss has a talk with Harry about their future. It turns out that he’s going ahead with that house that they were going to buy together as he wants them to move in together when she gets out. Later, she has a talk with her prison buddy, who explains that plea deals are a good thing and if one rejects them, what happens at the trial could be even worse. So, Joss tells David she wants to take the plea. About 20 minutes before the deadline though, David hasn’t taken the deal.

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True Friendship?

While behind bars, Calista uses her ways to get some alone time with Joss. She apologizes and wants to work together to get the both of them off. Joss doesn’t believe her, nor does she want to hear it. When Calista sheds some tears, Joss seems to soften up, but isn’t sure what to believe anymore.

When Calista overhears Joss on the phone with her mother, she realizes that Joss will be taking a plea. Calista goes to the police without her lawyer present and confesses that she killed Luca alone and that Joss is innocent. Now whether this is true or not, we will have to wait to find out.

One Last Night

Vivian takes Karen to her doctor’s appointment. The doctor tells them that Vivian’s aplastic anemia is coming back strong. It seems that Vivian’s body is rejecting the stem cells that Karen donated. While her doctor says that Vivian’s liver is failing, she can’t give the ladies a time frame of how long she has left to live.

Karen tells Vivian she needs to be admitted to the hospital, but Vivian says she won’t go until after Alec receives an award for his work. She begs Karen to keep quiet about her health until then. Karen reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Alec seeks Karen out to apologize for his reaction about her pregnancy. He asks her to reconsider raising the child with them. He then invites her to the gala too.

The ladies get ready for the gala the next night. And as the three of them get ready to leave in the limo, Vivian passes out.

Brother Knows Best

Mark is over the moon that April and Blair broke up. Harry, upset about Joss, tells Mark to seize the day with April and not wait to make a move. As Mark is asking April to a movie, she gets a call telling her that there is a strange man at her house. They rush home and find that his sister Miranda is home for a week from her cruise with her new boyfriend Ron.

Miranda later informs the pair that she and Ron are going to get married and will move Scotty to Vegas with them. Mark expresses his doubts, as Miranda and Ron have only been dating for a week. Both he and April sit down with Miranda and suggest that she leave Scotty with them to finish out the school year while she and Ron adjust to life in Vegas. Miranda immediately goes on the defense, accusing Mark of being a bad parent. April sticks up for him. And when she realizes that Scotty will probably have a better life with Mark and April, Miranda reveals that she knows Mark fell off the wagon a few weeks ago. This, of course, is news to April.

All Coming Together

Hopefully, during the season finale of Mistresses, we will see Joss get out of jail and get together with Harry for real. But she’ll probably be upset when she finds out Harry’s agent has the hots for him. Because, well, that’s just Joss.

I can only assume that April will get pissed at Mark and then forgive him. But I’m not really sure if he’ll stick around. Nor do I think Scotty will be around either, as Miranda will probably take him. Though I’d like to see Mark, April, Scotty and Lucy be one big happy family next season.

And I’m sure Vivian will die, leaving a pregnant Karen to be cared for by Alec. At least she can die happy knowing that two people she loved will be having a baby, that was conceived during a threesome. Hmm. I guess stranger things have happened. I really like Vivian, so I hope she doesn’t die. But it doesn’t seem like she has much time left.

The season finale of Mistresses airs Thursday, September 3 at 9pm on ABC.

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