TV’s favorite grandma is coming to Bones. FOX has announced that Betty White is joining Bones, guest starring in an October episode. Betty will playing the newest “squintern” as Dr. Beth Mayer. She’s the world’s “most experienced anthropologist” who will assist Brennan and Booth in solving a murder linked with fantasy football.

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Much like Betty White herself, Dr. Mayer is described as sharp as a tack, experienced and fabulous. She’s an expert of anthropology and fantasy football with more than half a century of experience under her belt. Though Dr. Mayer will be on Bones in a mostly altruistic role helping the case, there will be conflict. Brennan and Mayer will be competing with one another in a battle of wits to prove who is the smarter scientist. 

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It certainly sounds like the seven-time Emmy winner’s time on Bones will be an enjoyable one. Are you looking forward to see Betty on Bones? Are you hoping it turns into a larger more recurring role? Or is there such a thing as too much Betty White?

Bones premieres Thursday October 1 at 8pm on FOX

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