The houseguests have sure been scrambling. Daniele said on Sunday’s show that she wanted to shake up the house, and boy golly has she done that! The Late Night Crew has gone from smug to shaken. While she’s nominated Kail and Jen for eviction, she’s made it known that those two are not her target. So who is? And what happened at the PoV ceremony?

Tex's Take: BB8 Week 5 Power of Veto Spoilers

Sunday was a very emotional day in the BB house after Jen’s Power of Veto win. One of the rewards/consequences of the PoV was an hourly dunking in goop with the accompanying alarm for 24 hours, so Saturday night Dani, Jen, Jameka, Kail and Zach got no sleep. Jameka and Zach seemed to have fun with it. Jameka did cartwheels, flips, and booty shakes and Zach dedicated each of his dunkings. They were quite amusing.

Combine tired houseguests with drama and you get fireworks. Dick seems to have called a truce with Jen for the time being. Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that they now need her since they’ve burnt their bridges with the LNC. Jen told Dick and Daniele that she has been in an alliance with Eric since the beginning and that he’s been telling her things about the LNC and she’s been telling Kail. The Donatos talked Jen into telling all of this to Jessica in the hopes that this will sway her to their side.

Kail is absolutely freaking out because she knows that if Eric is put up against her that she’s going home. She keeps trying to convince Daniele to put up Zach instead, but Daniele isn’t hearing it. Kail keeps bringing up the promise that Daniele made, and Daniele keeps trying to reassure her that the votes are there for her to stay.

Jameka wanted to hear the whole story so she called a meeting in the HoH room but didn’t invite Eric, Amber, Zach or Kail. Most of the meeting consisted of Dick railing against Eric, Daniele whining about how she wanted to keep Nick, Jen telling her side of the story and Dustin confronting them in Eric’s defense. Jameka tried to be the voice of calm and reason because she really wanted to get to the truth. My question is why wasn’t Eric there if they wanted the truth?

Later Jameka and Jessica talked about Eric. It seems that their trust in him is shaken, but they are sticking with their alliance for this week. Eric has worked hard this weekend trying to convince Jessica that he’s been sincere with him. I don’t know if it’s worked. I guess we’ll find out down the road.

Dustin has cajones, I have to give it to him. He’s still on my crap list for the dog incident, but he has been very vigorous in his defense of Eric and has been rallying the troops against Dick and Daniele. He had the absolute nerve to suggest to Daniele that her best move would be to put her dad up in Jen’s spot! Needless to say, that did not go over well at all.

Dick wanted to confront Eric, but Daniele was trying to get him to settle down. Fat chance. Sunday night they had a screaming match in the backyard that was heard inside on the feeds. Eric started off calm, but it quickly escalated. Dick also called out Dustin for his suggestions to his daughter, lol. Dustin tried to play it off like he was just giving her options, but Dick didn’t buy it.

Dick has been scrambling trying to get that fourth vote against Eric. They realize that they won’t get Jess, and Dick thought that Amber might be a good victim, um, er, candidate for recruitment. So he had a long talk with her and convinced her to go talk to Daniele. They were such good friends and it was a shame that they haven’t talked. Poor Daniele … The poor girl was exhausted and she had to listen to Amber drone on and on and cry and cry about how sick she was that she had to vote to evict Nick. I tell you what, though, by the end of that conversation, I thought Dani was in a coma. She finally roused herself enough to kick Amber out of the HoH room.

Eric is in trouble. And America is not helping him. The America’s choice Sunday night was to pick someone for Eric to tell that he’d take them to the end. It seems that America has a beef against Eric and chose Jameka. That is the one person he cannot afford to have questioned him more before Thursday. And yes, him telling her that he’d take her to the end, after he’s been spending so much time with Jessica, makes her question him.

Today was the Power of Veto ceremony when Jen officially took herself off the block. And to no one’s surprise, Daniele put Eric in her place. I don’t think it’s going to be a slam dunk for Eric to stay. Jen and Dick, and yes, that banner, have everyone questioning his honesty and loyalty. Yesterday Amber, Jameka, and Jessica all said that they will vote to keep Eric, but as time has shown, no telling how many times they’ll flip before the vote.

Will the houseguests get any peace this week? Maybe …. maybe not. It should be an interesting week, though. Catch ya later and see y’all around the forums!

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