Before she competed on So You Think You Can Dance, Sara Von Gillern had never danced in high heels or with a partner.  Dancing in various styles her whole life, Sara turned her attention to becoming a b-girl a few years ago.  She has been called the most transformed dancer in the competition but was eliminated on last night’s live results show.  Sara admits to being at peace with America’s decision and takes time to talk to us about her time on the show.

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You have been dancing your whole life, right?

Yeah, I started dancing when I was four.  Mama put me in jazz, tap, ballet, and I figure skated for three years.  When I went to school in Colorado, I took a break from the monotony of class by dancing.  I took modern and jazz.  I found hip hop in Boulder and started taking b-boy classes, learning how to pop and lock.  That was four years ago and that’s what I’ve been primarily focusing on.

I would imagine b-boying is a male dominated world.  You’re the first b-girl I’ve heard of.  Are you happy to bring attention to it?

It’s definitely a male dominated culture but there are a lot of females coming up.  It was a good thing for me to be on the show, to show female hip hop dancers that you can be more than just T and A.  It was definitely a positive thing.

Speaking of, Nigel gave you quite a compliment last night, calling you a role model.  That had to make you feel good.

Absolutely!  The one thing I’d want to hear is, “You’ve inspired me.”  This is my passion, I’ll never give it up.

What was the experience like trying out for the show?  Is this your first year trying out?

This is my first year.  I had friends who tried to get me to try out last year but I had finals.  I graduated last year and my mom told me to go.  I just went in with no expectations.  During the auditions, there are four judges and six phases.  I only got one “no” the entire time.   It was a breeze for me.  I never even had to do a solo until last night.

Do you see yourself as being the most “transformed” dancer, as the judges say?

I was typed as the b-girl without much training but I do have training.  Honestly, though, I never danced in heels or with partners so I can see why they’d say that.  I dressed more like a lady and I showed some more skin which was new.
Was there one routine another couple did that you loved?

I loved Hok and Jaimie’s hummingbird routine.  It showed off both of their styles and strengths.

Were you upset to be leaving last night?  I tried to read the expression on your face but I couldn’t tell.

For me, in a way, I was ready.  Not that I wanted to go but I had a feeling I was going to be in the bottom.  It wasn’t sad to be eliminated but more so to leave the people on the show, the crew and the dancers.  It’s been a blur but it’s just a kickstart for things to come.

What’s your ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal is to travel, share my passion, and keep learning.  I want to see the world through dance, it’s such a universal language.

– Interview conducted by Gina Scarpa

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Gina Scarpa

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