The Rock of Love Bus celebrity has gotten word of what Jason Mesnick did on this season of The Bachelor, and he doesn’t sound happy about it.  Bret Michaels faced the press to give his two cents on the matter, as well as point out what Mesnick might have done wrong. 

“He definitely better hide his car,” Michaels said, “because it’s about to get keyed.”  Is Bret Michaels sympathizing with The Bachelor‘s Melissa Rycroft?  Perhaps.  The Rock of Love star underwent the same experience in the first season of his show, when his soulmate Jess, dumped him. 

Even so, Bret Michaels believes that things happen for a reason, and that what happened was for the best.  “In a sick way, I think he did Melissa a favor,” Bret Michaels declared.  “It’s better to know now than after ten years of a phony marriage.  If someone isn’t into me, I want them to tell me.  I don’t want to come home to find them trying to get the milkman out of the house before I get back.”

Speaking from experience, Michaels continued by saying how reality shows have certain constraints that might hamper the relationships they produce.  “I know it sounds brutal, but he may have run out of time,” he said.  “When the show was coming to an end, I wanted more time with Jess and Heather.  I liked them both a lot.  It sucked because it forced me to make a decision that night.”

But enough with the excuses, what Jason Mesnick did was a breach of Bret’s break-up etiquette.  “[Jason] went about it wrong way.  I would have done it completely privately — and my show is only about dating.  She thought she was getting married!” the Poison frontman exclaimed.  “I think he owes her a heart-felt apology.”

It seems like many would take the side of Bret Michaels on this one.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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Maria Gonzalez

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