While Cycle 12 has fans excited, the twist on America’s Next Top Model‘s 13th Cycle has everyone buzzing.  Even so, it’s best to hear it from the show’s casting director, Michelle Mock-Falcon.  She was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly‘s PopWatch, and she discussed the reasons behind Cycle 13’s exciting turn of events.

According to the CW, Cycle 13 will be filled with models 5’7” and under for the first time since America’s Next Top Model premiered.  Michelle Mock-Falcon and the show have been swarmed by girls hoping to make it on the series, but couldn’t fulfill the height requirement. 

“Since the show started, we’ve always had girls under 5’7″ asking and begging, quite frankly, Tyra to please give them a chance,” Mock-Falcon explained.  “I mean, she would get stopped in the street, in restaurants, anywhere, by girls asking how they can do it being as short as they are.  We’ve been thinking about it for a while now, what a great opportunity to give these girls that opportunity.  The show is all about opportunity…”

Stating Kate Moss as one of the best examples in the industry, Mock-Falcon continued, “Tyra knows a stream of supermodels that are under that size and are very successful, so she said, ‘Why not?’  It’s gonna be all about the face and the package as a whole.” 

If you’re still not convinced you can make it, Mock-Falcon has two tips that might work, to help you get through auditions.  The first is: “Wear a tank top, jeans, and heels.  I think girls think if they come like that, they’ll feel underdressed.  Then they’re shocked if I call back the one girl in the line that’s Plain Jane.  They’re like, ‘Ohmygod, I got this, I spent this much money.’  It’s not about that.”

As for the second tip, it’s not a surprise:  “Come as natural as can be.  We’ve had girls who’ve had to go take all their makeup off because they have so much of it on.  Girls come in wigs and all sorts of things.  Really, we just need to see through all of that.” 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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